A Word of Kindness

By Azra Nisar

Words are not just a skillful combination of letters. They, rather, contain an enormous power in them that could either make or destroy.Words exquisitely play with one’s mind, heart, and personality. Whatever we say or whatever we hear has an impact.

Imagine you are shopping in a grocery store and suddenly your trolley topples over. All the stuff fall and spread like autumn leaves.

What would you expect? May be a hand to reach you offering a generous help.

What if you don’t receive any gracious helping hand? For sure, it will hurt your feelings. And, what if someone helps you collect the stuff. Certainly, your heart will get filled with an enduring sense of gratitude. You will always remember a vivid picture of that person and of his act of random kindness.

Indeed, many times a small word is enough to change you as a person; you don’t need lengthy motivational speeches. Words of gratitude never come and go rather they keep on passing from one to another.

“Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” —Mark Twain

Today, if I receive a ‘thank you’, then tomorrow I will definitely pass it on to someone.

Kindness speaks louder when we implement it in our lives, instead of using it to beautify our speeches. Kindness It can melt a sturdy wall of hatred between two people and it has the power to resolve conflicts. Be kind!

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