Life In A Remote Dell

By: Mujahid Salman 

Snowy and lofty mountains, cold and breezy winds

Kaleidoscopic weather, either cloudy or transparent

Whether green or grey

Maketh viewers realize the pantheism

Thy modes are eternal or instantaneous,

What may I believe what you are?

Embodiment of natural beauty, rich with all captivating beautiful seasons; sometimes green, yellow and snowy bright, covered with huge mountains, embellish with green, Birch, timber and oak illustrated clusters of rosepink and breezing daffodils.

A far-flung valley of Pakistan associated with Gilgit Baltistan’s District Astore prominent in countless valleys and innate alluring sceneries, distinctive for its bewitching colorful seasons and one of the world regions where four natural seasons are found, known as Mininmarg Astore. situated about 598km from pakistan’s capital territory Islamabad and 188km from central region of GB. The international park deovsi and lofty Nanga-parbt are also situated in the neighborhood.  Usually it not easy to access the area; primarily, being the remotest region of Pakistan secondary, due to the toughest, steep and unpaved road routes. On entering the high-altitude deficiency of oxygen makes difficult to pass the ‘Burzil pass’ which is about 13491ft from the sea level and looks ever whitish, due to snow-clad winter ordinary the temperature falls below -35.

Dwellers of the region have unique socio-economic and cultural aspects , their way of life, sources of survival and earning are somewhat  different from the rest of world .heavy snow fall starts from December to March, while in this duration about 9Ft snowfalls and the whole area looks, as white as a whitepaper, thus the  inhabitants go into hibernation for six months like frog and kept busy in indoor activities. Except a few dispensaries and mosques, no institutions are open. Schools are officially closed from December to the mid of April, teenagers, occasionally along with their elders play ski enthusiastically. To be amused by their performance women peeps the skiers outside through the peepholes from their homes toward the ski ground. women ordinary do knitting and cook foods apart from these looks after animals locked inside the barns.

Minimargians, start storing all necessary goods in summer for themselves and animals in this regard summer is the busiest and hardest session to them, people strive hard to get and store goods.

Agriculture is the main occupation of the dwellers of the region besides this a few people are government servants. Agrarian style is quite conventional and poor, still plough and animals are being used for cultivation, on the other hand the land is not fertile as Punjab and Sindh, where people get admirable benefits this is because poverty and illiteracy ratio is high. Throughout the year only one crop they get, either potato or wheat in low quantity, production rate can hardly to meet their own domestic requirements and in rare cases yields are sold .full of natively decorated with densely forests, valleys springs and wildlife on the other hand deforestation and hunting are not less than catastrophic floods and snow or land slide, by both ways nature and ecosystem is endangered. Government is not playing any positive role to promote the area and safe wildlife and forests.

Literacy rate is very low and to get a job is a nightmare, in the absence of private sector and unavailability of government jobs to earn their living they mostly migrate toward big cities and get odd jobs.

Besides their poverty, illiteracy and seasonal sickness, regional dwellers are enough kindhearted, cooperative and more than anything else like the other tribal people they are known for their hospitality and altruism. no hotels are available across the area and visitors either live in tents in their fields or stay in their homes and cared for a lot.

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