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Incarcerated activist from Hunza has made three suicide attempts in prison

HUNZA: Relatives of the incarcerated youth of Hunza and members of the Aseeran-e-Hunza Rihayi Committee (Committee for Acquital of the Incarcerated Youth of Hunza) addressed a press conference in Aliabad.

During the press conference, they said that while Pakistan is raising slogans for the release of Kashmir’s detained leaders, the youth of Hunza, including politiical leaders, are being held in prison on false charges.

The speakers during the press confernce said that many of the incarcerated youth have developed physical and mental health conditions due to the treatement they are receving in the prison.

One of the incarcerated activists, Salman Karim, has made three suicide attempts, but he is being denied a medical bail.

They also said that the imprisoned political activists are being denied the right to medical and mental health support, which is their basic human right.

The committee members said that they are going to launch a sit-in and protest movement.

Reported by Ijlal Hussain

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