Hunza sit-in postponed after GB caretaker cabinet assures initiation of legal process to release prisoners

ALIABAD: The sit-in in Hunza was postponed, on the seventh day since it started, after ministers of the Gilgit-Baltistan Caretaker government assured that the incarcerated youth will be released.

The caretaker ministers assured families of the incarcerated youth that the legal process to release them will be initiated soon.
Two of the incarcerated youth will be released ‘within a few days’ on medical grounds, after fulfilling the legal process.
Thousands of people participated in the 7-day-long sit-in started by Aseeran-e-Hunza Rihayi Committee, comprising mostly of the family members of the incarcerated youth.
Leaders of various political parties and religious organizations expressed solidarity with the protesters. Rallies were also held in Nagar, Skardu, Ghizer and Gilgit to express solidarity with families of the incarcerated youth.

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