Chitral elects MMA

By Gul Hamaad Farooqi

CHITRAL:  Candidates of Mutahida Majlisi Amal (MMA) won both seats, national and provincial assembly, in Chitral.

Maulvi Abdul Akbar Chitrali, who has remained a member of the national assembly in the past, was elected as MNA. He got 48, 616 votes,  while his rival  candidates Abdul Lateef of PTI got 38, 481 votes, former MPA and candidate of Pakistan Peoples Party Saleem Khan got 32, 235 votes while candidate of Pakistan Muslim League N former MNA Iftikharuddin got 21001 votes.

The provincial assembly’s seat was also won by MMA candidate, Maulvi Hidayatur Rehman, who obtained 45, 629 votes; his rival candidates Israruddin Saboor of PTI got 40490 votes, Haji Ghulam Muhammad of PPP got 29, 955 votes , while Abdul Wali Advocate of PML-N got 16, 293 votes.

MMA supporters celebrated by distributing sweets, and showering flower petals on Maulvi Abdul Akbar and Hidayatur Rehman.

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