Four more of the incarcerated Hunza activists released

GILGIT: The provincial government of Gilgit-Baltistan has ordered the release of four more imprisoned Hunza activists from Damas, Ghizer jail.

Irfan Ali (Murtazabad), Aleemullah (Hassanabad), and Musa Baig (Shishkat) were released from the Gahkuch jail today.
Shukoorullah Baig (Aliabad) will be released tomorrow.
Two imprisoned youth Salman Karim and Rashid Minhas were released on October 22.
On 11 August 2011, Hunza police had opened fire on a group of IDPs in Aliabad protesting for compensation for the affectees of Attabad disaster. Two protesters Afzal Baig, 22-year-old student, and his father lost their lives in this incident.
The murder of the IDPs caused widespread protests in Hunza. Police arrested several youths including Baba Jan on charges of vandalizing public property.
It is here to mention that thousands of people participated in a 7-day-long sit-in in Aliabad Hunza recently. This sit-in was postponed after the ministers of the Gilgit-Baltistan Caretaker government signed an agreement with the community representatives assuring release of the incarcerated youth.
Since then, the government has released 6 out of the 14 incarcerated citizens.

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