A Letter to Voters in GBLA-06, Hunza

Dear Hunzukutz,

Elections are on its peak across GB. GBLA 6 is also having the show time and people are taking their keen interest in this Dangal. All candidates are busy in their electioneering campaigns, posters are clearly visible on the roads –  time will fly and will have 15th November 2020 (election day) in a day or two and like other districts, GBLA 06 will have a winner too.

With the robust campaigns of all political mainstream parties in GB, people are getting more emotional and active. However, at the same time hostilities among the residents are mounting too. Association with the political parties and being politically active isn’t a bad thing at all and no one is discouraging this but based on the association and having different political opinions, encouraging enmities among so called civilized Hunzkutz is something which is a matter of worry for all of us. Remember, all the dignitaries of political parties will fly away after 15 November 2020 but we all are Hunzukutz; Hunza is our place and we all have to live together as one Hunzukutz.

My dear and respected people of Hunza,

You all are known for unity, faith and discipline. you are known for your honesty, brotherhood. You are known for your hospitality but sadly we are witnessing an opposite trend. Being busy with elections and favoring one candidate doesn’t mean that we all should  forget our norms. Being a part of political rallies and blaming one another is neither our tradition, nor it is in our values and customs. Hence, being a Huzukuzt, it is my humble request to please take care of below few things;

  • Show and give respect to each other – they all are your brothers, sisters elders and younger Hunzukutz.
  • We should all have civilized slogans – not personal attacks.
  • All contesting candidates are our brothers and sisters, they deserve respect too.
  • Everyone has his/her personal space, no interference / comments on one’s personal space or character.
  • Don’t put banners on the tourist sites, roads and on sign boards. Keep nature clean and green.

With above few remarks, closing my words with the hope that, whoever wins, he/she will bring more prosperity, brotherhood and will be a ray of hope for all of us.

Disclaimer: I don’t have any political association and my article is not against / in favor of any contesting candidate.


Farman Ali Thara
Aliabad Hunza.

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