Know yourself

By Arslan Hamza

When we refer to word ‘self’. what comes in to our minds? An image of ourselves, or just our name.

In fact, self consists of two parts; I and Me. I is a psychological approach, while me is a sociological approach. I is a subjective self, like a person having a clear perception about him/herself. In other words he/she rates him/her self in every aspect of life according to their mind set. All the beliefs thoughts ideas etc which a person have towards him/herself is called a psychological self. Me is an objective approach, based on our perceptions of ourselves according to our society, or in simpler words, what does our society think about us. We can define self as “Self referred to all the beliefs, ideas, attitudes, and feelings, whether conscious or unconscious, which concerns the individual.”

Understanding our selves is not an easy task. Its importance is so often not realized, for we tend to relegate the understanding of ourselves to a later indefinite date in our life. The impact of this negligence is often seen in our life choices that we prefer to others choices. Why we should prefer to others choices when God created us unique. In our whole life we try to explore universe but we never tried to know about our self which is most important and initial part of successful life. In life we have to face different situations where it is necessary to know about our self to solve the problems. There is no any mathematical formula through which we can cover a journey of life. Life cannot be lived by logic alone and decisions can never be made with mathematical precision. We have to follow different paths in life which may be most of them are not linear. We have to face ups and downs of life. While facing these parts of life motivation plays an important role. Like if we are facing a problem and we have not enough self esteem then it is impossible to solve a problem even to led a normal life. We should have enough self esteem to come over on such problems which is only can be earn by having motivation.

Let us suppose a person who wants to start a business. These are some of the questions that she or he must think about. Where to start? What are his strengths, what are his weaknesses, and what exactly does he want to achieve, and how is he going to achieve it? Without answering these questions he will be a lost wanderer.

Franklin a philosopher observed the great difficulty of knowing one’s self and wrote, “There are three things extremely hard, steel, a diamond and to know one’s self. The whole processing of knowing our self is very hard and needs to learn more about ourselves instead of focusing on others. In order to know our self we have to go through a process which consists of self assessment, self analysis and self discovery. Analyzing our selves finding our likes dislikes etc helps us in such process. As we are a part of a society where we interact with different people including family friends coworkers etc plays an important role because they know us and helps in analysis of our personality. This process follows next step if we clear the first process like if we are self aware then it creates a self understandings which leads to self direction. So knowing our self is a process through which we knows about our self, through which we can solves various problems facing in life and makes us an active member of society which enables a person to led a successful life.

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