A man, an actor

Irfan Uddin

And He finely structured and constructed an actor with numerous devotions. A very unique creature who plays as beautiful as considered during sculpturing. Above skies mighty authority decided him to perform. Birth of blank mind baby actor to undecided parents is mysterious query to be inquired. Parents cannot foresee future neither baby actor was asked to choose his spirit. A soul which is only illuminated with God’s will. Chaotic show where actor is not allowed to choose his color on base he has to perform for rest of life. With every next episode he has to offer rituals rather he has to compromise more thoughtlessly as he gets older. The story starts with His will and shall end with death of actor. Who knows unseen episodes, either heaven or hell.

Alas! Conquering actor forces deprived one to obey, what kneeled one does not want to see. He, the Almighty silently makes him bow on knees. And answer needed about crippled one who is wandering in streets of ignorance yet he plays his role immeasurably. Dear Holy, alert the masses who abuse her on ways. Review conscience of mankind to prove judiciousness in the humanity. Otherwise, they will not know about pile of shame they inherited because of their lust and desire is part of wisely written play.  Bless those with prudence who massacre innocents just for sake of entertainment. They killed humanity to show loyalty and loyalty is sign of holy heavens.

Whenever and whatever has been happened with lives are just performances without rehearsals. Suffering shall not be considered misery, because actor is never involved in decision making. Wait until light of happiness reaches your grieved soul. Supposedly, Allah Almighty blesses an actor with heaven. Why should he accept this incredible proposal without knowing the truth behind blessing? Creatures seldom search God because He is everywhere and whenever searched He never found.  I believed that His subtleness is curiosity and it should be remained. And all painful stories should be remained as mysteries.

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