Of rulers and the masses

By Tashmeen Ali 

We vote because we have some expectations. we do expect that  something is going  to happen in practical, not for the sack of speeches or useless paper writing.

We don’t vote only because every citizen has right to vote, we vote because, through the appointed leader we want the government to fulfill the needs of the respected areas or needs of people. People do not vote you to make them fool. People do not vote you to have a luxurious life. They Vote because they want you to help them when they are in trouble , they want you  leaders to provide the facilities which other provinces or cities of the country are enjoying. They do not demand for  a Mercedes or Benz so they could travel. They only want you to see the situations and do some action to settle the situations.

The recent rainfall has caused too much destruction in Gilgit-Baltistan. This valley has been  cut off from the whole country due to road blockage. people are lacking the food items, they don’t have petrol to travel, there is shortage of medicines,they are not drinking clean water,they do not have flour and there is no electricity. People of Hussainabad used to drink rain water.

Words for my elected leaders

Have you ever felt the hunger when you had nothing to eat? Have you ever used rain water instead of nestle water or mineral water? Have you ever traveled by foot? Have you ever studied with the help of 5 rupees candle? I hope not more than once.  People have voted you not to live a luxurious life. They voted because you promised them to facilitate them.

Kindly stop this elite class feeling. Try to be normal person and do what they expect from you as a leader.Do some visits to the affected areas and IDPs so that you may know very much about their troubles and problems. Make them feel that they have not voted the wrong person. We are peace lovers. And we do not want to go to the roads and voilate the laws. I hope that people are much intelligent they are not fools that they will wait for their death due to hunger and illness.

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