Sun. Dec 5th, 2021

Let’s stop here….

By Asma Wali

Between ‘B’ and ‘D’ there’s always a ‘C’.

Same is the case in our lives. Between birth and death there is choice. Life is all about depends whether we want to make it an Eden or hell, stress or happiness!

We usually hear that forget your past and live your present. Start your life in a new way…but I am confound how to start? Whether by a ‘let’s start attitude or let’s stop? The above mention quote urges me to start my life from the very beginning, forgetting all the cold moments and mistakes, but not by a let’s start assertiveness instead by a let’s stop approach. But my heart says why a let’s stop insolence?

‘Let’s stop here’! This clause is having a real sway in helps our mind to brainwash all the nasty thoughts’, refresh our minds and be prepare for a new coheres the idea to our minds that we are not starting again from the beginning our lives, but we are revenging ourselves, creating room for positivity, for a new initiation, with past experiences. But my heart says why a let’s stop for a let’s start?

Let’s stop perturbing, which will give place to contemplation, which will assist us to inspect our surrounding. Let’s stop hastening which will help us to encourage tolerance and patient. Let’s stop jabbering, which will lead to be tender and considerate. Let’s stop thinking what if I do this or that, which will save our time, help us to further strengthen our aim and live happy. Because it is well said that “two things prevent us from happiness, living in past and observing others”. Exceedingly, let’s stop here pessimism and help ourselves to permit optimism. Let’s stop here mocking attitudes and put up friendship. Let’s stop here hurting and hatter, to dish away love and adoration. Additionally, let’s stop here criticizing and daunting, which will help us to well understand people. Let’s stop always be cynic which will help us to create a trust worthy atmosphere with no fear, but independence. Likewise let’s stop building castles in the air, and be realistic and genuine. Let’s stop fearing people, and be atrocious and heroic. Let’s stop here to be in the shackles and let the fervent, unstoppable birds to fly; because sky is limited; let them ascertain the universe and be the pride. Let’s stop our hectic life just for a while, which will in real be handy to spend quality time. On top, let’s stop here being overly modernized and be the real for a while. Won’t lower anxiety, unease, apprehension and tiredness? Don’t they all seem to be leading towards a dignified, wellbeing, smooth nature?

In inference, let’s stop the let’s start rationale, so that we can have an improved, halcyon life with the benefits of let’s stop attitude. Wrapping up, life is too short to spend it on the grudges and antipathies. so dear all, let’s stop here.

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