Sun. Dec 5th, 2021

Why to support Imran Khan

By Waseem Abbas
Well, it’s simple.
Pakistan has three mainstream political parties right now: PPP, PMLN, and PTI. Ok. Other regional parties and religious outfits are not capable enough to achieve majority in centre so they have their final destination in coalition with either of these parties in order to maximize the fruits of democracy.
Election, as I think, is a starting line where journey starts as well as it ends. It is a long race in which you have to remain in one path till race ends. It is a race in which hurdles are inevitable but you have to necessarily cope with them. Election is vehicle, Constitution is fuel and political parties are drivers and their motto is a path to lead one to his destination   So we have three parties: three drivers, three paths and three destinations. The question is which path to choose and why? The path which leads us to our destination and which path leads to that destination? The path which is led by a reliable person and who isn’t corrupt, the path which has least number of hurdles and dacoits than others, the path which is innovative, the path which is not experienced before if we have failed in previous paths to reach our destination, so to follow a path other than this is utter piece of shit. What do you think does Imran Khan not qualifies the above conditions?
And why to reject other parties?  The other two groups have gained the government three times each and both failed in each and every time. They became looters of our resources or supporters of them. They became criminals or at least supporters of them and surely they failed in suppressing them. Thousands of people were killed during their eras. Bribery, nepotism, fraud, money laundering, terrorism and other social evils became custom of the days. So why to choose a path which is full of bloodshed, full of corruption, full of tyranny, and full of oppression? Why? Simply, these experiences were awful. Only a person who eats intentionally a meat of donkey can vote for such ediots, for sure.
Oh! Some would say! ” What is the guarantee that this path and driver will lead us to destination?”, Just forget for a moment whether this path leads us to our destination or not, just tell me one thing, are you satisfied with current position of your country both domestically and internationally after following these two paths for three times? Surely you aren’t. If you are not happy with your current standings then what is wrong in making innovations. Even If they fail( God forbid), if they don’t succeed in their ambitions, if they also loot us, if they facilitate in our mass massacre, what is big deal? We are habitual of it. We are experiencing it for last seventy years. Isn’t it better be be ditched by another girl than to be ditched be same girl for fourth time, after all it’s innovation.
Some educated, liberal and so-called democrats would here break the window by pointing toward alleged support of pindi boyz( establishment) to Imran Khan. Firstly, their support isn’t so clear. It is just a vague claim. Secondly, just tell me one thing who wasn’t or who isn’t part of  that gang of pindi boys? PPP and PMLN emerged from the very same camp. Thirdly, it is not about idealogies or being puppet of someone, it is about interests. It is game of thrones. When establishment and government are striving for their interests, it’s obvious that establishment will support opposition.
Another factor why I support khan is his performance: his performance in kpk. According to independent sources, government performance is quite impressive. You can disagree to this point but look at background facts before doing so. These facts which are important to note are: control on media by government through ads and advertisements so it is obvious that they will present federal and punjab government as symbols of development. The number of hurdles in which federal government can inflict kpk government is beyond our imagination. I hope you remember shehbaz sharif’s protests against zardari by accusing him of creating hurdles in his affairs and not providing funds and electricity of their share.
In conclusion, I consider Imran Khan as an ordinary human being. He has many weakness as human being as all of us have. I don’t consider him a supernatural creature and to expect great heroics from him is also preliminary but he is, for sure, far better than the others and this is the only reason to prefer him. Don’t you think least ugly among uglier people looks beautiful. Least fat among obsessed people looks slim and graceful. In the same way, in this highly corrupted political system, it is blessing to have a person like Imran Khan who is not even accused of being corrupt even by political rivals. Lets support khan considering less intensity of his weaknesses than others otherwise it will be written as a dark chapter in our national history. If we miss this opportunity this time, we will have to wait for another seventy years in search of a leader.
The contributor is a BS (Political Science) student at LUMS, Lahore. 

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  1. A morally corrupt person is far worse than a finacial corrupt one. This thing kiddies fail to understand.

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