The People of Gilgit-Baltistan

By Rabia Tariq

Hailing from the extreme north, the people of Gilgit can be seen in almost all parts of country now a days. For jobs, studies and other occupations. If you are from Gilgit Baltistan you can relate to this.


If there was one word that could be used to describe the people of Gilgit it would be diverse. The people in Gilgit region are diverse in colour, diverse in nature, diverse in the way they live and behave.

Using Ek

Ek is used as suffix with improper nouns involuntary by Gilgitis. This is the most common thing that almost everyone from here will do.

For example: Chaiek peetay hain chalo, I need a pencilek to do my homework.

Pajoi Chai

Salty cup of tea in the morning is a must to get through the day. Not even Latte or Cappuccino can replace this heavenly concoction of salt and milk. Bring choopati, desi ghee and eggs it becomes a proper Gilgiti breakfast. It is also used as a remedy for headaches.

Pathan bhai

We are neither Pathans nor Kashmiris.

People of Pakistan mistake us for Pathans. People often ask me if I can speak Pushto. Internationally we are represented as an diverse group.

(Indians call GB POK,Pakistani occupied Kashmir. Dogra troops were kicked out of Gilgit territory in 1947.)

Beautiful places worldwide

There are hundreds of beautiful places in the world but Gilgit Baltistan is heaven on Earth! If you call a place more beautiful then Gilgit, a Gilgiti could become personally offended by it.

Our many many cousins

We have many many uncountable number of cousins who we know have got our back. They will take a stand for us and help us in our times of need.

You know how to dance

Hearing a Shina song and the feet start to move involuntarily. Time and place do not matter.

It is the best thing that could happen to a Gilgiti in Pakistan. It makes the feet move anytime and anywhere.

Shina song and our feets start to move..anytime and anywhere We are born with it.

Some of them are: Ma Gileeto hanos, jaik ga bilik bai

Desi Ghee and Nasalo

There are many specialities of Gilgit Baltistan some of them being Nasalo and desi ghee, Mumtoo, Luckmun, chupatti. etc


Culture traditions and heritage hold an important place in the life and culture of a Gilgiti. Traditionalists no matter how long we stay out of Gilgit, at the core we are and we stay traditionalists.

Highly competitive

We have our own differences among us. When we are in Gilgit, everyone would call himself a Punyali, Hunzawal, Bunjvi, Balti etc. but as soon as we are in a foreign place we become the people from Gilgit Baltistan.

There are no beggars in cities

In whole of Gilgit Baltistan there are scarcely any beggars you could see around. There are shops and there is NLI market. It’s clean and paved with bricks. The merchants sell all sorts of items like precious gem stones, imported garments and other items.

Some other good things

The best things in life are not things. Money comes money goes, so does everything else. We not materialistic. Be proud of being a gilgiti and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. The people are humble and tolerant and very friendly. They are family oriented and their homes are open for guests.

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