Thu. Jan 27th, 2022

Socrates Called It “Living An Examined Life”

By Azra Nisar

He was called ‘frogface’ because he didn’t fall on the checklist of beauty set by you and me. He was compared with toy statues because he didn’t have a perfect thin nose and a fair glowing skin. However, now he is neither known as ‘frogface’ nor as ‘toy statue’ yet a philosopher. Today Socrates is one of the famous and finest philosophers of the history. He chose learning and teaching  than  thinking about his physical looks which were bestowed by God that couldn’t be changed. Socrates has multifarious philosophies and theories, but   ‘Socratic Method of self-examination’ is certainly a significant theory that one must implement in his practical life. Always ask yourself the questions that “ Are my assumptions on this matter really true? Or am I deluded? What does the evidence say? Are my actions morally right? Or am I only fooling myself? (think with Socrates)

Self-examination is an art that can be learnt and improved with practice. It begins with ‘why’ where we need to map out the reason behind every happening , reason behind what we do, what we say,  and what we think about.  Have you ever thought about your unhealthy sleeping habits? Why you sleep so much or so little? Do you know the reason of doing anything before it is done?

“for the unexamined life is not worth living.”  ― (Plato, The Trial and Death of Socrates (Euthyphro, Apology, Crito, Phaedo). Unexamined life makes life difficult since we don’t know the reason behind our living. We take this beautiful life for granted and blame God when something goes against our will. Hence, life with a reason, with an enduring vison is indeed necessary to give yourself a push. On the other hand, examined life deals with our self-reflection, it can be achieved gradually by sparing some minutes for ourselves before sleep to think what I did, what I are doing, and what I need to do?.  Self-examination never ignores our past or future rather it connects the events of past with present and helps us to make the future better.

It is never late to begin something which is beneficial for our lives. We can live an examined life just by following some easy steps of self-evaluation and self-reflection. So, now its in your hands either to live a life than to spend a life.

Azra is an undergraduate (BS) student at the University of Central Asia Naryn. 
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