The Real Murderers

Syed Fakhar Ul Hasan

There were many good people, social activists, out there, enthusiastic to bring a change in society. These people were the gems of the society, but what did the society do to them? What did the people do to them?

They murdered the character of those hearts and transformed them into the self-centered souls. After all the good they did, after all their commitment, enthusiasm, and the dedication they have shown, the other people did not do any good to them; they pulled their legs and brutally chopped each and every part of the soul which was full of goodness, and made the evil take over.

Out of all this frustration people my even resort to suicide. There is a limit for everything and everyone has to understand it, and the most shameful thing is that everybody knows the limits but they don’t want to consider it. It is the class of those so-called literate people who can’t tolerate to see some one doing good.

The murders of characters has been escalating for a while and nobody wants to accept it. After murdering people from inside, they act like they are the most innocent people on entire planet. People with dual faces are killing the societies more than anyone, they are the real murders behind the curtain. Beware of those around you.

Those gems of society didn’t need your appreciation for what they were doing, they were doing it because they knew what it means to be a member of society but it’s sad that those murders would never understand it. They have been literally begging to left alone and let them try to make the society healthier, happier and better for all of us and for our upcoming generations.

The Humans! We have been called to be the best of all creatures but we gave become worst of all now. We have killed our own people, our own brothers and yet wanna be called Humans. What a pity!
What’s worse than being a educated illiterate! What would do that education to them those who doesn’t even how to behave. The murders have murdered so many personalities form inside strong a lot of social organizations along with them and would be seen in the front for sympathy. Those people would be the first to raise a voice of social injustice like they are doing nothing. Is it what we are suppose to be? Is it what we are distant for? Is it why we are called Humans for?

Amazon forest have been burning for three weeks; the forest which  provides 20% of Oxygen to the entire world. How many of us know about the burning? How many are concerned about it? Negligible.

We all need to wake up and stand together as Humans before it’s too late. We need to set our differences aside and be the best of creatures as we are meant to be.

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