Marginalization of Minorities

By Maaz Alam 

Marginalization refers to keeping a group of specific people excluded from the whole nation they are even excluded from the activities happening around them and their point of view is not even valued by the government. The big countries of this world have the highest number of minorities living in them. The United States of America is considered as the best country so far to live in among those all countries. However there are people who agree and disagree with this statement.

In the United States of America there are millions of people who belong to different minor groups. Despite of being in the count of millions they are being left out by the Native Americans. Many minorities are unable to achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams. They are equally talented and are working to achieve what they desire. They are equally educated and wealthy but still they are kept backwards from succeeding to have a better life. however there are constitutions that safeguards the rights of minorities but still there are numerous companies and organizations that create disparities in between native Americans and minorities and they find a way to create or become a barrier in the path of their success. Minorities have been a part of the history of America from the very beginning and they contribute a huge part in the success and reputation of America. Despite of this fact marginalization of minorities is still a problem that has strong roots in America. This research will highlight the factors due to which it is wrong to marginalize minorities and the role that these groups play in making America successful.

The United States of America holds an important place as a country in this world, it is dominant on various countries. However it is not the best place exactly for minorities, despite of being a part of America from the very beginning they are unable to participate in various activities of their country. Minorities are also divided into various groups based on their gender, race, and culture. There are few people who are running organizations to support such people but as being an alone in that field their efforts are not enough to support the groups of minorities.

Minorities in USA

            There are different minor groups living in America such as African Americans, Arabs, Asian-pacific Americans, Haitians, Inuit and Alaska natives, Latinos, Native Americans and native Hawaiians. These people are struggling day and night to make their identity as an American and not as a minority. These people suffer the most because of various reasons such as racism, bullying and public insults.

The group that suffers the most are African Americans as they are the second largest group of minority in the USA. They make around 12.9% of the total US population which is almost 38.3 million. They were initially known as Negroes and now mostly people call them as the black Americans. Mostly people from the white community that are considered as the original Americans call them colored. People say that they are the descendants of the prisoners that came from Africa in the middle of 17th and 19th century. These people were forced to migrate from their country to the United States of America as slaves and prisoners. The Africans were de-cultured and brutalized and today they are the largest minority in a country which is the most influential in the whole world. Despite of the fact that they contribute a huge part in the American economy and reputation the white and black conflict is still alive in the country. Despite of the Africans there are a number of people from different parts of the world that are also a part of the black community. Some people among them are from the war-torn nations such as Somalia while others migrate to find better opportunities for their future and economic improvement they are from Jamaica, Cuba, Guyana and other Caribbean states. Most of the black people are currently residing as the urban population according to various studies the African men and women are of equal labor force, however African females are more into management, and professional related occupations then the males. Most of the African males are into production and transportation.

Arab Americans includes people from different countries following the same religion and ethnicity, they include Lebanese, Egyptian, Syrian, Palestinian, Jordanian, Moroccan, Iraqi, and other similar Arabians including Yemeni, Kurdish, Algerian, Saudi, Tunisian, Kuwaiti, Libyan, Berber, Arabs from emirates, Omani, Qatari, Bahraini and the list goes on. They follow a diverse culture they are of royal nature from their origins. They never actually consider themselves as a minority because they prefer to see them in the majority, yet they are also reluctant about their identity as a community. Arabs form a total of 3.5 million of the total population of the United States of America. Amongst these millions there is a huge number of Arabs who consider themselves as Native American citizens. These people never work in the labor community as they consider it as a disgrace to their royalty, however they are more in management, sales and office based jobs.

Another large group of minority is from the Asian pacific this group includes people from Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and Hinduism who are normally known as Asian Americans or some people even call them Asian immigrants. Initially these terminologies were not used but due to continuous discrimination and incidents these terms aroused. Asians are the second growing group in the United States of America that is growing on a very rapid pace. The reasons behind this continuous rapid increase is immigration of the Asians in order to avail better opportunities in future. However, they don’t prefer to keep English as their first language and a huge number of Asians are still unable to speak English fluently. They speak their own language if they are surrounded by their similar ethnicity.

Haitians contribute as a significant minority who are currently residing in the Dominican Republic and around 1 million Haitians are living in the United States of America.         


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