Why I Support Naiknam Karim?

Wajahat Ali Khan
“Leadership is based on inspiration, not domination; on cooperation, not intimidation” this beautiful illustration of leadership by William Arthur Wood, catches my imagination of true leadership. Naiknam Karim inspires me to the limits as he has demonstrated for years and years the true markers of leadership: honesty, integrity, dedication, hard work, humbleness, compassion, and above all, leading by example.

A leader cannot be created out of nowhere, he/she has to be in the mainstream of national and community development leading by example perpetually and consistently. Naiknam Karim is one of those leaders who has always been there to serve and lead the people.

A leader can truly understand and realize the sufferings of the ordinary people only if he/she has risen from the very ordinary class of people. Naiknam Karim is one such person who has seen the hardships and sufferings of a common man, who else other than Naiknam himself can understand the problems, needs, hardships and sufferings of the common people. And of course he knows how to get the people out of that vicious circle of poverty and destitute. People living in the palaces and their long time jugglers cannot and will not understand let alone working towards changing the pathetic conditions of ordinary people, well why should they? They themselves have created the situation out of superiority complex so that no other ordinary man could compete them, as the old adage goes ‘one who sits near fire thinks all are warm’.

A leader should and must have the motivation and inspiration to lead, one cannot be a leader who is pushed to the scene to serve the purpose of others as a puppet, without his own vision. Naiknam has his own vision, he’s working towards his goals keeping his vision in sight for the last several years and his electoral manifesto clearly reflects that.  One should also remember that witless jingoism and ignorance of demagogues will lead us nowhere, instead issues have to be handled with political maneuvering and logical arguments on respective platforms, Naiknam has a cool head on his shoulders to tackle all sensitive issues sagaciously and discerningly.

Naiknam’s politics is the politics of peace, of cooperation, of development, of harmony, and of pragmatism. To cite few examples of his social work, sustainable community development, and self-reliance of the youth especially the female; he has helped hundreds of needy students, trained hundreds of women in skill development and helped them in establishing their own businesses, helped young entrepreneurs in the form of interest-free loans, stood with the community in helping construction of schools, community centers, irrigation channels and more. His vision for Hunza in education to prepare future generations towards global excellence, and moving towards a green economy is awe inspiring. Naiknam does not makes utopian promises which cannot be fulfilled, rather his mission is pragmatic. He is already working on it and after his election as legislative member, he has to scale up his work on a grander level.

I know there will be people differing from Naiknam’s manifesto on various grounds but let me clarify that most staunch opponents are those who are afraid of merit and fairness in jobs, tenders etc. But Naiknam has been and is a staunch supporter of merit in each and every field. I’m sure he is going to ensure merit and fairness in each and every process. Now the big question in front of more than 90% literate people of Hunza is on what parameters they are going to elect their representative in the GB Legislative Assembly.

We all are aware that even for the selection of a Grade-I the selectors define some eligibility parameters like aptitude, qualification, experience etc. how on earth we can choose our legislative leader without setting any parameters. Naiknam Karim qualifies against all parameters set for a legislative leader. He’s foreign qualified, he’s fair, honest and objective, he’s moving above himself and serving the society, he’s focused on his vision, he’s realistic and pragmatic, he’s consultative and a firm decision maker, compassionate and empathetic, and he’s ethically and morally sound. Keeping in view all the markers and ground realities I am going to vote for Naiknam.


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One Comment

  1. Fact # 1: Hunza ki literacy 90 % nahi hain.
    Fact #2 : Hunza people have and will always have a slave mentality and morality, they will never be leaders.
    Fact # 3: Merit has no place in Hunza , actually merit is not natural to human nature. Its just a rhetoric.

    Waisey bhai jan Kitne vote mile app ke candidate ko.

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