Giving up is not a solution!

Tashmeen Hunzai

Life is all about hard work, reward, success, achieving goals, learning from failures, learning to overcome shortcomings, building self-satisfaction, having confidence about what you do, strong aims, and, most importantly, finding happiness in what you do.

From the beginning our parents and teachers teach us to be strong and give our best to any undertaking, personal, social or educational that we choose. We are routinely faced with obstacles, and only those who take the hurdles heads on, and achieve results, are considered successful.

Intelligence is when you go through many hard times and cope with the  situations, and find a positive solution. It is not necessary that you may always get what you aim to achieve; sometimes the results are not the ones that you wanted, or expected. Dealing with unexpected results is a skill that can transform our lives, enabling us to outdo the odds, and persist in the wake of difficulties.

Successful life, is usually considered to be one in which all dreams have been achieved. But we should also know that none on earth can achieve all of her or is dreams. Failures are very much part of our lives. Just because we have failed once, or twice or thrice, does not mean we are incompetent or inept. Life is not in black and white. There are grey areas, and those grey areas matter the most.

Everyone has got a particular talent, and that talent is what we ought to explore, recognize and organize, to be able to move ahead of ourselves. But even if we are unable to do that, it is not the end of the world. We can always give it another try, or another, or another. Persistence is what matters. Sometimes, reaching the destination is not the success part; the journey is. Every step is a destination.

If we have failed despite of being persistent and working hard, even then we can try other options, after reflection, introspection, course-correction, consultation and seeking guidance from peers, guardians, friends, or lives and experiences of other people who have survived and thrived despite of all the odds.

Sometimes it needs a lot of courage to let go off a dream, but we have to do it for our own sake. There’s no dearth of dreams in God’s world, and there’s no shortage of courage  and confidence. You need motivation. You will meet many people; most of them will encourage you, but some will discourage you. You need not to be influenced by those who discourage you after your small or large failures. You should listen to, and follow, those who encourage you, and want you to continue you academic and educational, or other, pursuits.

Message for youth

Those who failed once  and then quit their studies!

Learning is not about getting 100% marks, or knowing everything. None can know everything. Learning is about how much you continue to gain and apply in your life with the passage of time. “Result card cannot decide your future at all; it is only a piece of paper”, someone has said.

Don’t give up. Try again and again. You only need to motivate yourself and you need to believe in yourself, if you won’t believe in yourself you will be a looser in real.

Apart from this you need to have a good relation with your parents, they are the ones who are the supporters. They won’t leave you alone ever. Believe in them.

I believe, failure is the key to success. I used to fail in exams of one particular subject. My parents, my family and friends didn’t call me a failure; they encouraged me to work harder, and today I am topper in that subject in my university among my class fellows.

Failure is not a permanent thing. Ups and downs are part of life. When I failed I didn’t quit my studies, and neither did I think of suicide. Such thoughts should never cross our minds, but as is well known, “suicide is a permanent solution for a temporary problem”; the dead don’t come back to correct what could have been corrected. It is not a wise decision. A wise decision is to change challenges into opportunities, failures into successes and hard times into memories of what we have endured and overcome in our lives.

Message for teachers and parents

Always encourage your students and children, reward them for their small and big achievements. Do not make them feel like losers. They need guidance not ridicule, and discouragement. Give infinite chances to them to try again and again.

 Life does not stop if we have not been able to do what we expected to do.

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