Fri. Mar 31st, 2023

The Killer Haramosh Road Takes A YoungLlife

Dear Admin,

I am Mudassir Hussain from Haramosh Valley, Gilgit. You are requested to post this write-up on  PAMIR TIMES.

Photo of the deceased 33 years old Zaheer Abbas

Yesterday night, at around 6 pm, a resident of upper Haramosh, Zaheer Abbas (33) died in a road accident while traveling on this dangerous road.

The 4km long track is a killer road. During this season alone, the road has seen five accidents. Many people have lost their lives in the past while traveling in and our of the village.

The road has been blocked for two weeks after a landslide. No government department or minister paid attention to the people. Now, the locals are voluntarily trying to remove the debris and clear the road for traffic.

This is despite of the fact that there are two MLAs from GBLA-3 constituency.

It is our bad luck that such leaders are representing us. They neglect the people who vote for them, and were recently busy attending a marriage in Islamabad. This is nothing less than shameful.

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  1. Dear Sir,
    On behalf of the village Heramosh I would like to bring to your immediate attention on the following facts for favor of your kind consideration and speedy disposal. The Link Road running from Lower heramosh Main KKH to uper heramosh which connect to approximately 10 small villages with 1500 population. Hundreds of people travel either on foot or by Jeeps along this road.At present this road stands in need of urgent repairs at places, otherwise accidents may happen when the rainy season sets in causing great damage to the road as day before Yesterday night, a resident of upper Haramosh died in a road accident while traveling on this hazardous risky road. Over 25 people lost their life on this unsafe road till now.
    If the repairs are not done immediately, the public will be put to great inconvenience. We, therefore, hope that you will be so good as to take proper steps to redress our grievance at an early date.

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