Gilgit-Baltistan rattled by frightening rise in number of road accidents

Reported by Shah Alam Alimi

GILGIT: Fear and anxiety has spread across Gilgit-Baltistan due to a sharp rise in the number of road accidents during the last couple of weeks. People are losing their lives almost every day in road accidents across Gilgit-Baltistan.
While public debates about the causes is raging on social media, no immediate plan appears to be in place to address the issue effectively. Members of the public identify reasons like over-speeding, reckless driving, drunk driving, unpaved and dangerous roads, as well as inexperienced drivers, in addition to poor enforcement of laws.
Hundreds of citizens have lost their lives and limbs in such accidents during this year alone.
Following accidents were reported by Pamir Times during first 8 days of June:
~Two tourists received minor injuries in a car accident on KKH in Hussaini…1st June 2021
~Four injured in a van-crane collision on KKH near Raikot Bridge—- 2nd June 2021
~Four injured in a car accident on KKH in Ghini area of Diamer….  3rd June 2021
~Four seriously injured in a jeep accident on Arandu Road in Skardu… 5th June 2021
~Nine tourists were injured in a car accident on KKH near Hudur area of Diamer…. 6th June 2021
~4 injured as a car bumped into another Vehicle. The incident happened near Goro,  Juglot Gilgit… 7th June 2021
~One person has died while another is injured after a bike and a mini truck collided. The accident took place near Sultanabad locality of District Gilgit…7th June 2021
~One dead and 17 members of the same family are feared drowned after a coaster fell into Indus River near Pani Bah area of Dasu in Kohistan. The coaster was en-route from Chilas to Rawalpindi… June, 7th,  2021
Questioning the performance of the government in this regard people have demanded of govt. to tackle this situation with the seriousness it deserves. People have expressed apprehension that more accidents will occur as traffic is increasing with each passing day due to summer tourism.

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