Supreme Appellate Court bans three lawyers in Gilgit-Baltistan for life, two for five years

Gilgit: Supreme Appellate Court of Gilgit-Baltistan has banned three lawyers from practicing law for life. Two lawyers have been banned from practicing law for five years.

The lawyers banned for life include former Chairman of Supreme Appellate Court Bar Association, Advocate Ehsan Ali, Advocate Asad Ullah and Advocate Manzoor. Advocate Shehzad and Advocate Iqbal have been banned for five years.

These five lawyers had boycotted the SAC judges and had not been appearing to attend cases for a long period, in protest against appointment of non-local judges in the Supreme Appellate Court.

These lawyers maintain that only qualified locals of Gilgit-Baltistan should be appointed judges in the judiciary. They were also leading a movement against appointment of, what they called, ‘inept’ people in the judiciary based on favoritism.

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