Supreme Appellate Court withdraws judicial powers of Chief Court registrar, lawyers protest

Meraj alam

Gilgit: Supreme Appellate  Court Gilgit-Baltistan suspended  the Administrative and judicial powers of Registrar Chief Court Gilgit Baltistan till further orders while hearing a suo moto notice  on Monday.

The decision did not go very well we with the Lawyers’ Associations  of Gilgit Baltistan, which staged a protest demonstration against the decision of Cheif Justice Supreme Appellate Court, Dr. Rana Shamim.

Chief Court Registrar Mumtaz Ahmed has issued an arrest warrant for the Serena Hotel general manager Qayyom after he failed to provide rooms for the Chief Justice Peshawar high court.

Qayyum, the hotel manager, approached the Supreme Appellate Court and submitted an application to seek justice, accusing the registrar of misusing hi powers illegally and arresting him for not giving rooms.

“The rooms had already been reserved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for a Chinese delegation on an official visit to the region”, the hotel manager said.

On getting the application, the Chief Justice of Supreme Appellate Court turned the application into a suo moto notice, and ordered the registrar to appear in the court. Today, the court ordered withdrawing of the registrar’s judicial administrative powers to till further order.

Rejecting the decision, GB Supreme Appellate Bar Association, GB Bar Council, Chief Court Bar Association and district bars announced to lodge their protest across the region and boycott hearings.

President GB High Court Bar Malik Kefayat sait that were contemplating over passing a reference against the chief judge, Justice Dr Rana Shamim, for overstepping his powers in this case.

They accuse Serena Hotel Gilgit General Manager Faisal Qayyum of cooking up a false case against G-B Chief Court Registrar Mumtaz Ahmed.

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  1. Registrar of chief court or even, chief judge of court has no authority to call a hotel General Manager call arrested for the service of their personal guest, no matter he belongs to any province, so action of chief justice is victory of Human rights and law and justice, Salute to shakir shamim for not being pressurised, this all is going on, on behalf of Sahib khan.

  2. Mr. Sahib Khan and Mumtaz should be for politicising the issue and using lawyers.

  3. Due to this chap, Mumtaz Ahmed a person in Baltistan has committed suicide, why lawyers have went through a psychological test before they are given judicial powers

  4. gilgit baltistan what a beutyful area is…always hear from that area one thing constantly regularly..is part of Kashmir,,,oh yeah but silent for few days as they again need Pakistan support as recent burhan related voilance is on,,,,as soon as things go quite same old bakwas will start again..and same Indians and they will start shouting in one voice again they will become friends.let us discuss start with gikgit baltistan…who are they..it is worth to have this discussion …you always make noise make it separate state this and that..but never tell the truth about your own background always scare of the truth. you are all setlers in that country oh yes majority of people in that area are Iranians setlers,some are uigers,some tajiks,chinese,cental Asians ,some far as area close to rusia and ukrine ,uzbics,more than 30 different languages if include chitral and all surrounding areas..all setlers from so many more than 30 different backgrounds.most of them were brought there during last 200 years..yes 200 years that is your true identitiy today balwaristan.. looking.for freedom..yeah then go back where you came from you did not bring this land when you came here as setlers you think no body knows the real story..now let me tell you briefly about other parts of this country,,blouchistan..so called blouch ARE KURDISH SETLERS came there only less than 500 years ago..today motherland babaland,,they are Kurdish setlers,,,pathans what a joke they came into region 800 years ago from Babylon they are tribes of bani israil used to be jews when they arrived here there was no countary called Afghanistan but khurasan, these indian faces in Punjab and sindh were brought here only during british rule as this country existed and will continue to exist its real name is not Pakistan but MEHRGARH/INDUSVALLY/GHANDARA it still has its orignil people who are 20% rest 80% all of you setlers.it is oldest country in the history.i know real history of my land all of you were given shelter here and today in my land this bakwas of motherland ..what..what.it is 15000 yers old country IAM MEHRGARH IAM GHANDARA IAM INDUSVALLY IAM PUNJAB IAM SINDH IAM SARHAD YES SARHAD IAM BLOUCHISTAN,it is land of meer simbad bin sindhbad chagh bin charagh,meer ardas,meer qazilbash,khan ilyas,,khan almas,,khan idris.green and white flag is not of Pakistan but it is oldest flag in the history it is flag of mehrgarh/indusvally/ghandara. it is 15000 years old flag..oh I just remember who kashmiris are they came into this area same time as you ..some of them are central Asians,some tajiks some Iranians and some Kurdish..my countary indus vally is being used to protect them and wage war after war with your best friend india..ever since you people came here….there is one thing on tip of your tongue,,,,this country who sheltered you ..is bad..well done……..respond me I will tell you more truth about ghandara……..iam indus vally

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