Thu. May 26th, 2022

Outrage after alleged killers of newly married woman are released on bail

GOJAL: Residents of Gojal Valley have expressed shock and anger after a court released two alleged killers of a woman on bail.

Social media is abuzz with condemnation as hundreds of people share photographs of Adiba, a newly wed girl was who was found dead in suspicious conditions near a riverbank on June 6, 2021, in Shimshal, a remote valley located in the north of Hunza district of Pakistan’s Gilgit-Baltistan region.

A few days after the incident, Police arrested Adiba’s father-in-law (Sameem Shah) and brother-in-law (Faheem Shah) on suspicion of murder, on complaint lodged by Adiba’s brother and other family members.

Later, the Gulmit Police, after preliminary investigation, registered a First Information Report (FIR), under section 302/34, in which it was mentioned that the two accused had confessed to their crime.

Copy of the FIR registered by Police

Both of the accused, Sameem Shah and Faheem Shah (Father and Son), were later sent to jail by a session court, while the investigation was underway. Adiba had married Nadeem Shah, son of Sameem Shah, 7 months before her body was found at the bank of Shimshal river.

A maternal uncle of the deceased woman confirmed to Pamir Times that the accused were released on bail three days back. He said that the accused were reportedly released dur to lack of an eye-witness.

The family of Adiba has reportedly submitted a review petition, requesting the court to cancel the bail and use forensic evidence, including the autopsy report to dispense justice.

The incident of June 6 had triggered widescale condemnation and unrest across the region, with people demanding justice for Adiba.

Hundreds of posts have been shared on social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, demanding justice, after news of the accused individual’s release on bail came out yesterday. Netizens are using the hashtag #JusticeforAdiba to raise their concerns and demand justice.

There are also reports about street protest planned by civil society members in different parts of Gojal Valley, a Sub-Division of Hunza.

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