Tribal clash over ‘family enmity’ leaves several injured, abducted. Houses burnt

Islamabad/Gilgit: A clash between two rival tribes in Dodishal area of District Diamer has led to heavy exchange of fire. At least five people have reportedly been injured in the exchange of fire. The rival groups have also reportedly abducted people from the opposite tribes.

There are also reports that houses of rivals have also been set on fire.
Local activist, Roshan Din Diameri, shared a video of burning houses on social media site Twitter, adding that the clash was underway since 10pm last night.
Roshan Din told Pamir Times that Diamer Police has not been able to control the situation so far, as there is reportedly “a shortage of police personnel in the area.”
The two families, according to local sources, have a history of enmity.
This is a developing story. We will add/edit as more information becomes available.

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