Hundreds stranded in Hunza due to road blockade, as two groups clash

HUNZA: Hundreds of locals and tourists were stranded in different parts of Hunza Valley after the residnets of Ganish (Hunza) and Nagar Khas (Nagar) clashed over a land dispute.

SSP Tahir Yasub was among the several injured as a result of stone-pelting between the clashing groups.

The clash reportedly erupted after locals took a deceased man’s body for burial in a graveyard considered to be located in a ‘contested’ land.

Among the stranded people were hundreds of tourists, as well as college and school students belonging to different villages of Sub-Division Gojal, Hunza.

Locals Hotel Association had appealed to the hotel and guest house owners in Shishkat, Gulmit and other villages of Gojal Valley to open their doors for stranded tourists and offer them accomodation free of cost or on reduced prices to ensure their safety and wellbeing.

Religious Scholar from Gilgit were trying to resolve the issue peacefully. Meanwhile, the family of the deceased youth have appealed the government to ensure burial of the youth at their ancestral graveyard.

GB government has deployed contingents of police and paramilitary forces in the area to maintain law and order.

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