CHEPS steps up to keep Shandur clean

By Afzal Wali Badakhsh

The more you think about it, the more it will take place in your subconscious, the more you will ask questions about it, the more it will be part of your practice. Campaigns are therefore strong tools that make a person think of a particular cause that was campaigned. With the passage of time it becomes a voice of reason for the whole society.

In the same way, Chitral Heritage and Environmental Protection Society (CHEPS) being a Civil society organization makes its ways through hurdles to reach people of all kinds with its campaigns for the noble cause of Environmental protection. These campaigns are both theoretical as well as practical. For instance, awareness, cleanliness, plantation, seed collection campaigns, signature and green club campaigns are part of CHEPS motto.

This year’s Shandur Polo event was a colossal and vivacious platform to reach out to people from different landscapes. The message was to establish a bridge between humankind and the environment where they not only live but also depend fully on the environment. It is not sane to make a hole in the boat on which you are surfing at the same time. Likewise, exploiting the same environment is not sensible while it offers you all its resources generously. We cannot close our eyes to the fact that Climate change is at our threshold. It is changing our landscape day by day while affecting our lifestyle gradually from bad to worse. It is evident from the searches and researches of science that climate change is not natural; It mostly happens due to human activities. The more we exploit our environment, the more it will be intolerable for us to live on our motherland. Unfortunately, till this time, it is scientifically proven that our earth is the only place in the whole universe to live in.

CHEPS being a voice of reason in our time takes all measurements into consideration, raise it’s voice against unhealthy human activities that push the motherland into the brink of danger.

The campaigns were accompanied by our honorable Deputy Commissioner Chitral, Our distinguished District Health Officer, our adorable Tehsil Nazim, leadership of Ismaili Tariqa and Religious Education Board and CHEPS volunteers.

The message was conveyed to thousands of polo spectaculars. The slogan of Clean and Green Pakistan was made practical in the context of the Polo event with a hope that one day we shall show our responsibility towards the Environment.

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