Thu. Feb 9th, 2023

Young boy jumps into Gilgit River to escape sexual abuse

GILGIT: A young boy has jumped into the Gilgit River and saved himself from a gang that allegedly tried to sexually abuse him.  

According to details mentioned in an application submitted to the KIU Police Station, the boy was taken on a bike to a deserted area in Chilimsh Das, in the vicinity of KIU, and was subjected to sexual assault. The boy, reportedly, was able to escape and jumped into the Gilgit River and saved himself.

The application, a copy of which is available with Pamir Times, demands action against the gang of four youth, two of whom have been named and identified.

Responding to the report, Awami Workers Party’s leader Comrade Baba Jan has urged the Inspector General of Police to take swift action against the accused.

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