Today’s society and the students: Are we giving them the space they need?

By Naima

Today’s students are the future of the society. They are the ones who will shape the future of our world. As such, it is important to understand the impacts the society has on the students. This article will explore the various ways in which today’s students are influencing the society, from their involvement in politics to their use of technology. It will also discuss the challenges that students face in today’s society, such as the increasing cost of education, how they are forced to choose professions beyond their interests, as well as the lack of job opportunities. Finally, it will examine the potential solution to these issues and how they can help to create a better future for everyone. By understanding the impact of the society on today’s students, we can better prepare for the future and ensure that our society is a better place for students.                                                                                         

This article examines the challenges faced by the students including the need for quality education, critical thinking skills and the greater support from parents and teachers. It also looks at the potential solutions and finally the article discusses the utmost need for creating a culture of respect and understanding in our society.

         In this era, as the world is progressing rapidly, and will leave behind the ones who don’t progress with it. Focusing on this point and considering the fact that our students, this generation is the future world. We have to accept the actuality that today’s students are going to shape the future world. As the founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah said, “Pakistan is proud of her youth, particularly the students, who are the nation builders of tomorrow. They must fully equip themselves by discipline, education, and training for the arduous task lying ahead of them.’’

         Today’s students are influencing our society in many ways this generation isn’t like those generations in the past, today’s students are active in politics, have their own opinions about the state issues, have inspiring ideas and think quite critically to solve their own problems. Today’s students are the first generation to grow up with advanced technology, social media and smartphones, which has changed the way they communicate, learn and interact with the world Students now a days are socially conscious and have greater awareness of global issues. This generation proved that human beings are terrified, and they are brave, normally what we make matters enormously and it doesn’t matter at all. The main question raised for students now a day is that.


This question might seem unrealistic and extraneous, but its roots are deeply connected with the topic. Sometimes the students are just scared to come forth with their ideas just because we live in a judgmental society, but the point to be noted is that when courage dies, creativity dies with it. We all know that fear is a desolate bone yard where our dreams go to desiccate in the hot sun. It’s normal sometimes we don’t know how to deal with it,let me list some ways in which u might be afraid to bring forth your work;

         You’re afraid that you have no talent. You’re afraid that you’ll be rejected or criticized or ridiculed or miss-understood or -worst of all- ignored.

You’re afraid of what your peers and coworkers will say if you express. Your personal truth aloud.

You’re afraid of unleashing your innermost demons and you really want to encounter your innermost demons.

You’re afraid your best work is behind you.

         You’re afraid you are too old to start.

         You’re afraid you are to young to start.

         You’re afraid that nothing has ever went well in your life, so why bother Typing?

I am not going to keep listing fears here, its a bottomless list and a depressing one, I will just wrap up my summary this way: SCARY, SCARY, SCARY.

Everything is so goddamn scary.

Judging people and the new generation is all the society has got to do, especially when you are trying to be inventive or innovative. Your fear will always be triggered By your creativity, because creativity asks you to enter into the realms of uncertain outcome and fear hates uncertain outcome. Being afraid, terrified, horrified, its all just natural and human. Its absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.Students normally now a days are criticised for copying each other, alright maybe some of them do, most probably not all of them. I believe when you literally decide to do something creative with all your devotion, ideas will come to you, they will distract you, wake you up in the middle of the night. The ideas will not leave you alone until it has your fullest attention. Than in a quite moment it will ask “do u wanna work with me?’’. Eventually if you reply with the simple answer NO. Then you’re off the hook. The idea will eventually go away and — CONGRATULATIONS! – you don’t need to bother creating anything. As you ignore The idea it will find someone better, and won’t wait forever for you at your doorstep. I am not Spitting this all in the air, let me give you an example;

         Elizabeth Gilbert the writer of the well Known book EAT PRAY LOVE, wrote in her book [BIG MAGIC] that once She was writing a novel. Unfortunately, because of some personal reasons she left writing it.eventually, after some time she met a Celebrated novelist Ann Patchett, she Told Elizabeth about a novel she was writing and guess what the novel had The same story as that novel which Elizabeth left writing. Elizabeth states:

         “The worst and most destructive conclusion I could’ve drawn was that Ann stole my idea. That would’ve been absurd, of course, because Ann had never even heard of my idea. But people Do draw hateful conclusions like that.”

         I conceive today’s students are also enforced for choosing professions that are beyond their interests. I am not saying these type of decisions always end us as a failure but they do sometimes Lets talk about the positive example first.

         Dr. Sassi Malik Sher, a ordinary girl from Haripur, one of the 5 Sher sisters who passed Css examination. Once told that she wasn’t interested in being a doctor, she wanted to be

dropped out in the third year of medical but she hanged in there because her parents wanted her to be a doctor. They also believed in the typical mindset that:


         Secondly, lets talk about the negative impact of enforcing students to choose a profession, it was shown in Kdrama “DOCTOR ROMANTIC”. That the lead character Cha eun jae worked hard and became a doctor just because her mother her to be a doctor. Often while surgeries she could not see blood, would vomit, even would lose her senses and faint. The point of saying is that she was enforced to be a doctor while she didn’t have the potential to see people hurt or injured.

         To conclude, I will say that today’s students are a new generation, we should stop enforcing. The fact on them that they are supposed to live a childhood the past generations did. We should Let them choose their life professions rather that imposing things we want them to do




The contributor is a Pre-9th student at Mehnaz Fatima School, Gilgit.

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