The power of an idea

By Heena Alam

Human mind works in mysterious ways. It observers, analyzes, explores options and generates ideas. An idea enlightens the human life to move forward and to develop. It can be incited by anything, including a falling object; like in the story Isaac Newton, who reportedly saw an apple falling from a tree and that observation led to a thought process creating the idea of gravitational pull, or the theory of gravity.

The same goes for the great mind, James Clerk Maxwell, who showed the theoretical and mathematical form that electromagnetic waves could propagate through free space. This initiative triggered the mind of Mr. Guglielmo Marconi, who had decoded the idea of ruling the waves and controlling them for distant communications.

Experience plays a significant role in the growth of mind. It helps to click the crucial points in the mind in order to create an idea. Experiences deal with minds which lead to the remarkable changes in human attitudes.

In ancient times, a leader was considered to be powerful only if s/he had the strength to fight with more humans, with or without the help of an army and heavy weapons. But now the strongest power is the one who have the strongest weapon “Atom bomb” or “Nuclear Bomb”. If they have these weapons then they have power and assume the right to exist and rule.

The notions of power are always in a flux though. Idea is the central source of power in the knowledge economy.

The “World wide web” has created a “Global village”, making communications easier for all. This was all based on the power of an idea, which led to the creation of many other ideas, including the invention of smartphones which has revolutionized the world.

It is the talent of human mind that can build on the spark of an idea, like a magical spell, and turn around lives positively for all.

The process of innovation and exploration shall continue in the near and far future, and we, the human kind, should only encourage ideas that take us forward, instead of dragging us back.

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