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[Op-Ed] Compassion and tolerance may save the future of GB

Noor When the news of the Kohistan carnage came out there was shock and sadness across Gilgit – Baltistan, but there was also a sense of fear among the people. “What will happen now?”, was  a question frequently being asked. Many people were of the view that another wave of violence will...

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[Editorial] Two years of Attabad “Steel-way”

The Spillway of dammed Hunza River near Attabad has been a subject of interesting political and social discourse during the two years of its existence. The lake and its spillway have been hot topics among local theatre artists, activists and poets, as well as the ordinary residents of Hunza Valley...

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[Editorial] Strict action needed against drug smugglers in GB

The Senate Standing Committee on Interior met in Gilgit under the chairmanship of Senator Talha Mehmood yesterday to discuss law and order situation and other related issues, as reported in the regional and national media. The meeting, attended by senior officials of GB Scouts, GB police and GB administration, was...

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[Editorial] Alam Bridge, Attabad and [GB] Government's Authority

The prolonged delay in repairing of the strategic Alam Bridge has become a cause of embarrassment for the Mehdi Shah led government in Gilgit – Baltistan.  The Alam Bridge was closed for heavy traffic in mid of May after some cables holding it broke down. After a lapse of almost 45...

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[Editorial] Youth Development Centre in Gilgit

The Federal Government has, reportedly, allocated around 8.231 million rupees for construction of a “Youth Development Centre” in the capital city of Gilgit – Baltistan. The planners deserve praise for taking this important, overdue, step towards holistic development of the younger generations of the region. Globally, such centres play a...

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