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[Editorial] Compensation for the affectees of KKH expansion project

Expansion project of the Karakoram Highway has affected thousands of families in different parts of Gilgit – Baltistan. The project is being implemented jointly by the government of Pakistan and China through the Chinese Roads and Bridges Corporation (CRBC). This project, on completion, is expected to facilitate the two nuclear...

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[Editorial] Peace in Muharram

First month of the Islamic Calendar, Muharram – al – Haaram, starts today. The Ashura will be observed on December 17. According to history, Hazrat Imam Hussain (AS), the grand child of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), and his 72 companions including family member were martyred by the army of Yazeed on...

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[Editorial] Wait and see Gojal sinking!

Wait and see is the only methodology employed by the current government with regards to resolution of the lake disaster in Hunza Valley. They waited for the water to rise and reach the spillway. Now they are waiting for the water to go down on its own. The waiting has...

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[Editorial] Preparing for the worst, together

The Turquoise lake that has terrorized thousands since January 4, 2010 is changing colors, turning muddy. Water inflow of Hunza River has gradually increased, reaching around 2300 Cubic feet per second (Cusec). Average daily water rise level is touching 3 ft and increasing. The lake is around 306 ft deep...

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[Editorial] Relief, not alms, for the people of Attabad

A bloody page was added to the history of Hunza valley on 4th January, 2010, as Attabad turned into a pile of rock and sand, killing or burying around 19 people and injuring or displacing many more. This is the biggest single – event loss of human life in a...

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