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[Editorial] Clan politics of Hunza and hollow claims of meritocracy

Democracy has the power to transform societies, but this transformation can not take place if people are not ready to come out of their shells of clan, class, sect, language, race and lineage. A leader who is chosen on the lines of race and clan is most likely to be...

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[Editorial] Media is a mirror of the society

Jingoist reaction by well meaning segments of the society to a news item on this blog that covered an unfortunate incident of abduction, torture, and more, is not a surprise. We, the people of Hunza, have gotten used to hearing praise only; real or assumed. We are not ready to...

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[DAWN editrorial] World Tourism Day

Tourism without security is a non-starter. If the government wants tourists — both foreign and domestic — to visit Pakistan’s natural and historical wonders and to thus increase revenue from tourism, it must ensure peace and security. No one will be inclined to visit Pakistan with images of gun-toting Taliban...

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[Editorial] Target killings in Gilgit and bus robbery in Chilas

At least three people have been killed in Gilgit city and two injured during the past few days, while a passenger bus was robbed and torched in Diamir district last week. No arrests have been made, so far, in these cases. The only action, as reported by a segment of the...

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Editorial:Library at Imamia Masjid Gilgit to be used by students of all sects

While the fears of a new episode of sectarian militancy are on the rise in Gilgit city, the announcement by Agha Rahat al Hussain Hussaini that students from all sects would be welcome at a library of  the largest Shia mosque in Gilgit city, promised hopes of reconciliation and tolerance. Touring...

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