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Opinion – Editorial: AKDN’s role in Hunza

by Abbas Ali The engagement of AKDN in development process of Hunza can be traced back to the late 1940s, when it started its program to educate people of Hunza by opening up schools and offering scholarship grants for the region’s youth. The pace of development during that phase, because...

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15 new Gojali students at University of Karachi (UoK)

by Nadeem Aman Rumi A welcome bash was arranged by senior UoK students for fifteen new Gojali students, including five girls and ten boys, here in Karachi. Purpose of the party was “ to give guidelines to the new students in terms of university rules, processes and systems. Murad Khan...

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Editorial: Murdering a Messiah

It is not an ordinary murder. He was a healer of the children. He was the first Child Specialist belonging to the deprived Gilgit – Baltistan. He must have burnt his nights to reach at this position of distinction. We all know what it means to burn the nights and,...

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