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15 new Gojali students at University of Karachi (UoK)

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by Nadeem Aman Rumi

A welcome bash was arranged by senior UoK students for fifteen new Gojali students, including five girls and ten boys, here in Karachi. Purpose of the party was “ to give guidelines to the new students in terms of university rules, processes and systems. Murad Khan and Aziz, two senior UoK students led the party.  

Problems being faced by UoK students, belonging to Gilgit – Baltistan, in general and Gojal, in particular, were highlighted during speeches. The senior students pledged their availability and willingness to help the new students.  During the event momentous were also distributed among the outgoing students.   

The addition of fifteen new students takes the total number of Gojali students at University of Karachi to forty five. Five of the newcomers belong to Chipursan Valley, four to Passu, two each belong to Hussaini and Moorkhoon, and one each to Sirteez, and Gulmit. (Photographs:Safdar)

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  1. I am amazed to know that 45 students from Gojal are enrolled at Karachi University. What a positive trend!
    My best wishes

  2. This is a good sign to have many students who have newly been enrolled UoK.
    I appreciate the brave parents for bearing the huge academic expanses just with the notion to educate the new generation.
    Keep the pace guys and don’t waste this unique opportunity.
    Work hard and the time demands more attention and more seriousness in ace ademic and co-curricular pursuits.
    All the very best and congratulations to the comers.
    Aslam Ghalib

  3. Congratulation to new enrolled students, really its great to know that 45 Gojali students are at UoK and the ration is increasing. My best wishes and prayers are always with you guys. Enjoy studying at University of Karachi.

    Alamty Kazakhstan

  4. I congratulate the students of Karachi where they organized such a nice get to gather. I would like to extend my heartiest congratulations to those students, too, who were organizers. Thanks to you all for leading the students in the right way. There is a saying “Nowadays, anyone who cannot speak English and is incapable of using the Internet is regarded as backward”. Please work hard to achieve your targets and your parents desires as well. There is a quotation ” struggke is the key to success”
    The Wakhi nation, worldwide, needs you all as the leader of future.

    “Look to future and Move ahead”. Avgarchick

  5. Best wishes for new enrolled students.n hope to follow the footsteps of the senior students.cuz the foundation of evey state is the educations of its youth…

    Muzaffar karim

  6. I am very glad to know that students from every corner of Gojal have gotten admission in Karachi University. I wish you all every success in your career.

    fatima ali – lahore

  7. Congratulation to all our young students from Gojal. we are proud of you and i am praying for your success in life. I am so happy to know that 4 of our students from Chipursen are also enrolled. now there is huge responsibility on you guys to motivate and give guideline to those from your valley, who are not able to find ways to reach such institutions. same is for my Avgarchiks i am proud of you..best wishes for your bright future

    Javed Aly

    Dushanbe, Tajikistan

  8. Good to See You all, but it could be better if these kind of program could be arrainged in NA of Gilgit Distt bases.
    Highly appreciated all the efforts you gys made to be in KU.

  9. It is immense pleasure to know that many of our students enrolled in KU, and I expect that when they come to their villages or area they will energizer their gained knowledge with the students of KIU, we wish you all the best for our vivid future.
    With Great expectations,
    Rashid WWF Gilgit

  10. ….the seniors should take some initiatives to co-ordinate with other senior students residing in other cities of pakistan, to give the aspirants a straight guideline abt the admission procedures n various universities of pakistan..it will work very better,,believe me…

  11. Congratulation – This is great news for us that more than 45 students from Gojal are doing master from Karachi University and I hope that they will achieve their objectives and goals in the near future. I also expect from our sisters and brothers (students) that they will follow our institutions and our society ethics during their academic period as we had done in the past.

    Finally I wish you all new students from the region and I pray from almighty Allah for your success and accomplishment.

    Best Regards
    Didar Karim (Baig)
    Advocate High Court

  12. My heartiest congratulation to all new entrants at KU. I sincerely hope that they will work hard and excel in their fields. God Bless you all.


  13. Congratulations to all the new inducted students, perhaps we have noticed a large number of reduction in the enrolment after the establishment of KIU-Gilgit, Great job done by Aziz and Murad for bringing all the new comers under one umbrella, when the new group pass out from the university they should do the same and continue their efforts to guide and counsel the new enrolled students, I would suggest that such kind of gathering and counseling should be done once a year to counter and mitigate the risk of social issues.


    Shah Zaman

  14. Congrats. to all sisters and brothers who joind the UoK, please don,t go for the numbers try to be the one and only in ur respective subjects. No doubt at all the number for a small population like Gojal is encouraging, but meriocratic education is essential for thr present and comming time.

    A suggestion only——— How many of u in different educational area wants to join AKU——- and how many of u have a dream to join Hardward, Oxford, Mackmaster, Migill, London school of Economics etc.

    whish u all specally a very happy and a lot of good wishes.

  15. congratulations and heartiest best wishes to all new Gojali students in K.U.

    best of luck

    with best whishes
    Zahid Ahmad Shafqat

  16. This is great news, these guyz have done a great job many congratulations and keep up the good work!!!!
    Nadeem Gul

  17. hi every 1………congrate 2 new GOJALIAN students l……..i think all the new onz r female. n rest of the boyz r think hav last year 8 KU…………..
    bst of luk

    K!nD R3G@rDz
    S|- |3Rz@|)

  18. indeed it is a nice trend , we must appreiciate ,understand and encourage the students in their respective fields of studies, preguidline and orientations are key factors for a tenacious result and maintain the flow .
    it is worth mentioning that over the period students have realized and have then fixed the direction rightly, more work is needed to have the competition mobbed and coped up , for that seriousness of seniors are indespensible and needed ,to put there part of experiences for a quality result and assit them in initial phases of admission or any.
    i dearly congrates all those new comers and wish them for a bright and fine accomplishments, those seniors are great at KU.those who have manged them together and guiding the newly enrolled students, we most learn from them,rather struggling for individuals.
    and MORE must not forget we have KARAKORAM INTERNATIONAL UNIVERISTY..prepare yourself to polish the youths over there and have international standard education system .produce CREAMS and gain a world wide recongition!!


  19. It is good to know that from Gogal, Hunza such a big number have enrolled in KU . I hope u will try to be meritocratic. And inshahallah in future some of you guys will come back to your area and serve your people.

    Best whishes from HUNZA

    Muhammad Ismail

    Cheif Adviser
    Aliabad Students Welfare Organization (ASWO)
    Aliabad, Hunza
    Lecturer at Sedna School and Degree College

  20. Most impressive quantity, we need to be mindful of quality as well. The trend so far seems to be positive, in our context. Hope it improves further to meet the tough challenges ahead.

    Best wishes to each one of the new entrants to UoK.

  21. congerculation to all of the Wakhi Tajik students, this is really positive response and i wish you all best in the future. hope in the next we will find many students like this in different universities around the world.

    lucky are those who get chance to study at an university.


    sher karim kawish
    Admin Incharge
    S.Ziq-ul-haq & Sons
    ENI Pakistan

  22. We always appreciate the Gojali Student’s efforts and their leading role in Karachi University since many decades and we are expecting the same organized students with their better leading role who are studying in Islamabad and Peshawar.

    Best of Luck for the New Students in their studies and Thank you by bowing my head to the old student for their tremendous efforts.

    Shamim Ali

  23. Dear friend.I cogruculate all the new students who entered in KU.and those students also who completed masters from this distingush university.Insullah u will lead the socity by their great leadership

  24. i congradulate all of the student of new batch may God make sucess in their life (ameen) and they probly achive their goal……

    bst 0f luk
    my dear frnds
    nishaat gulbast

  25. Dear all,
    Great, Congrates to everybody, the quantity seems to be good,
    I wish you good luck,

    NRSP Muzaffarabad

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