[Editorial] Media is a mirror of the society

Jingoist reaction by well meaning segments of the society to a news item on this blog that covered an unfortunate incident of abduction, torture, and more, is not a surprise. We, the people of Hunza, have gotten used to hearing praise only; real or assumed. We are not ready to accept that despite of the progress made in fields of education, economy and culture, there are moments of shame and repentance. And, obviously, this phenomenon is not unique to our society alone. It’s only a manifestation of the darker aspects of human nature.

What’s worrying, indeed, is the reaction of apologists who are trying to justify or rationalize the criminal act in awkward manners that exposes inherent immaturity of our ‘literate’ class. Unequivocal rejection and condemnation of the incident from all quarters of the society is need of the time.

Those accusing Pamir Times of portraying negativity base their allegation on unfound grounds. That we actively worked to obtain opinions of both sides, and allowed all sorts of comments to be posted on the blog, is a sign of our commitment to presentation of diverse opinions. It’s the courts prerogative to find facts and punish the culprits who have brutalized a common citizen of Hunza.

Arrests have been made in this regard and basic facts investigated, as reported by the newly appointed IGP of Gilgit – Baltistan to press during yesterday’s visit to Hunza, so let’s wait for the courts to deliver justice.

To those who are used to hearing sanguine paeans of the peacefulness of Hunza, let’s be realistic. We are not living in Utopia.

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  1. The media, which enjoys the utmost freedom of expression, has a great and vital role to play in molding public opinion on correct lines in regard to the need of friendly and harmonious relations in conflict situations. The role of media in such situations is of a peacemaker and not to be abettors to be troubleshooters and not to be troublemakers.
    Media is not only a mirror of the society but also an instrument of social change. So, the credibility is the key word in media. If a news loses its credibility. The credibility of media and media persons came under a stringent microscopic scrutiny whenever there is a major event like communal riot. In such situations local journalists who have to play a careful and responsible role because local regional news influenced people.

  2. The role of media in such situations is of a peacemaker and not to be abettors to be troubleshooters and not to be troublemakers.. .Media is not only a mirror of the society but also an instrument of social change.

  3. This is not true to say Media is Mirror of the society. Mirror does show reflection of what is in front of it and does not show what lies deep into the surface of things, emotions, thoughts, knowledge, experience all invisible characters of anything. Media is suppose to be in this case much more than a mirror, it should not deceive innocent on the basis of superfacial looks of things, rather as an informed and educated source of awarness and education it should try to show reality of things.

    Media, the way you consider is having the licence to say what ever and in the manner as it deems appropriate, but it is not like this. It is need to be much more responsible than authoritative.

    Interestingly Media of yours which considers criticism as its undiniable birth right without any substantial proof regarding what it says, has become so feroucious and losed its temper shows how muture it is.

    As said by Fouzia and Farhatullah Baig please try to create and informe people with responsibility.

    Karim Khan

    1. Karim, I am just wondering about your deep cry. Why do you want the media to tell the people, “We are the best; our society is perfect or we are the God chosen ones.” Why do you expect the media to print beautiful picture of a certain place on its main page with a slogan, “Paradise on Earth.” For God sake, accept certain harsh and unfortunate realities of our society as well. Our society like other societies has both good and bad features. Our society is also composed of human beings usually falling prey of personal gains and interests sometimes intentionally and sometimes unintentionally. I am sure if you study some of the renowned media like, Dawn, BBC, CNN, Jang, the News etc., you will find there is no media that keeps its readers in a utopian world. It also identifies and exposes certain unethical, illegal, immoral and barbarian activities going on behind the closed doors. It creates a string of discussion and debate among its reader and other responsible citizens how better to minimize or eliminate those diseases.
      I do not think that PT is out there to create havoc among its readers. It has been celebrating and promoting the achievements of our society and people. On the other hands, it is also PT’s responsibility to tell our readers hey! Look, something is going terribly wrong here. Readers are wise enough to sort out if that is really a matter of concern.
      One important thing, when we study our society we will come to know that we have been practicing a shame-culture. We always pretend to be the best and if something goes wrong, we label it shameful thing and try to hide it. When exposed by someone else we become furious out of shame. We feel ashamed and dishonored by others’ belief and our inner shame pushes us to blame and attack them. Unfortunately, we pet those so-called shams throughout our lives and inherit them to the entire family or community afterwards. We need to develop a guilt-culture as well whereby we admit our weaknesses and try to overcome them.

  4. Ejaz, I do not disagree with your point of view in general and the notions of a’ shame driven society’ that we are living in rahter than ought to be living in a ‘guilt driven society’ two terms I think orientalists have wisely used to characterise the differences between Eastern and Western societies. But look, andd hope you also considering me a reader of PT, if so what I do say should also be viewed as a mirror of the society not only of that which would be posted by PT either as opinions or editorials.

    I agree the selfish intentions of people do motivate them often to follow certain paths in their lives, but those with control this selfish interests with the ethical code of life which based on societal values are worth to be consider as people of hounor and dignity. Very much simply PT ought to follow ethical values before it is venturing on propaganda for selfish interests of its set agenda for the elections.

    You are right we readers of PT are not foolish for not sensing what PT is going to propagate and what are its intentions, what the hidden agenda that it is cooking in the corners, covered seemingly unearthing hidden spaces of the candidates activities. It is for sure not doing so for all the candidates, it is so partial that it could be smelled for thousands of miles away.

    some times PT’s furious, unmanaged and stumbled voices could prove that it is not an impartial media out-let.

    I also appreciate PT for its efforts to do so. Living on the ground of Hunza, and people I talk have the same opinion about PT so it is also what you call ‘mirror of the society’.

    Karim Khan, Hunza

  5. Dear Karim

    Aejaz has rightly said that media not there to present one side of the coin rather it would go for both…. my dear friend dont be so confused it is so and will remain so…. your personal example is evident to it as you were supporting a shameful act happened in Hunza but it got posted….

    Again please pull down the hat of baisness from your head and be possitive. I would rather suggest you to come and join practical politics rather spending your time in various NGOs

    Having said that i think media has crucail role to play in the overall development of Hunza. I would request people to come forward and strengthen media as partner in development

  6. Dear Karim Khan

    I appreciate you because you, at last, mustered the courage to speak openly what others speak behind the back.

    Nevertheless, my “immature” logic tells me that instead of crawling miles away, and sniffing biasness, you should have come forward and joined the team of volunteers who have elegantly broken through glass ceilings that cover our society.

    If you concentrate on the negatives, which of course are in hundreds, you will miss the entire picture, which has millions of positives.

    Anybody is open to send us a candidate profile. We have not been able to give coverage to all candidates because instead of joining us in our work, people like you are staying miles away, sniffing biasness and throwing stones; a true reflection of the society’s mindset and priorities. Let’s not discuss the reasons why majority of the youth of Central Hunza (Kunjut) have refused to join PT despite of repeated requests on personal level. That will expose yet another “color” of our society and, again, you and the likes of you would accuse us of “bringing bad name to Hunza”.

    You can accuse Pamir Times but base your accusations on realities rather than figments of imagination that blanket your wisdom in conspiracy theories.

    At Pamir Times we are experiencing the following quote of Gandhi very explicitly.

    “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win”.

    People have stopped ignoring us. So we have covered the first step. The ridicule and fight have started simultaneously, showing that we are making real progress.

    So, instead of standing miles away, sniffing, and throwing stone, kindly join us so that we are able to win together, as a society.


  7. Dear Everybody on Pamir Times:
    This is true that media, in any form and sense, has been the mirror of the human societies around the world throughout the known human history. This mirror provides us the true, positive or negative, reflection of our faces–societies we are part off. My respected and dears, be you Brushalis,Gojalis,Shinaki or Domaki, of Hunza-land ! Act and react in/ to any situation wisely, informedly, strategically and plurally. Never play and be part of any blame/hate game. Yes you have the right to give an interpretation of your choice and disagree in an agreeable manner–with a reasonable space for yourself and the other too. Baseless emotionality, individually and collectively, has no value

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