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Editorial:Library at Imamia Masjid Gilgit to be used by students of all sects

While the fears of a new episode of sectarian militancy are on the rise in Gilgit city, the announcement by Agha Rahat al Hussain Hussaini that students from all sects would be welcome at a library of  the largest Shia mosque in Gilgit city, promised hopes of reconciliation and tolerance.

Touring the mosque along with representatives from all three sects, poets, intellectuals, journalists and other local notables the Imam Juma wal Jamat expressed his desire to promote harmony in the region.

We appreciate and welcome the gesture and hope that leaders of the other sects would complement by taking similar positive steps. Harmony is the corner stone of all social development. People can’t talk of progress while living with survival mentality. To take our people out of survival mentality these steps are long overdue and much awaited, from all quarters. Nur

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  1. We are well comming the peace steps taken by Rahat al Hussaini and is keen to create mutual understanding between all sects as it is the responciblities of the leaders of the all sects to educate their respective bellivers towards tolerance respect the people from other belifs, as this is the teaching of our holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) and such steps will bring all the region in piece and trnaquality.

    Ali Masud


  2. ” a wonderful gesture of peace,”i would like to say.We,Muslims are in dire need of such kind of social interaction.We have to show this world that Islam is a religion of peace.We love one another, respect every faith and above all we value humanity.We have to raise our voices against such unethical acts which are are trying to weak the strength of brotherhood,unity among the muslims,and creating hurdles in the way towards prosperity.

  3. Qazi Nasar should also do something like this.Inshallah Gilgit is our pardise and we will live with love from Kohistan to khunjerab and beyond.I love all the people who love all the people.

    Bazar Khan Chilasi
    Thore Nala

  4. Wonderful step taken by Agha Rahat al Hussain Hussaini, this is what Islam Educate Us brotherhood, tolerance and harmony among the peoples. We really welcome and appreciate the efforts..


    Basit Ali

  5. Well this is the platform where’s we all people come together and find out the basic reason of social problems of Gilgit region. We thankful Agha Rahat al Hussain Hussaini for his wonderful initiate, you people can build bridge of brotherhood, peace among all sects of the region.


    Salman Karim

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