Sun. Dec 5th, 2021

Appointment of SAC Chief Judge challenged in Supreme Court

Asim Iqbal
Islamabad, February 6: The appointment of former judge of Lahore High Court, Rana Arshad Khan, as Chief Judge of Supreme Appellate Court Giglgit-Baltistan has been challenged in the Supreme Court of Pakistan.
The petitioner, Dr Ghulam Abbas, in his constitutional petition has prayed to the apex court to issue stay order agaist the appointment and restrain him from taking oath.
“According to the artical 175 of constitution of Pakistan it is obligatory for the President to appoint senior most judge as Chief Justice of Supreme Appellate Court while the constitution of Azad Kashmir also describe the same way for the appointment of Chief Justice” the petition said.
The petitioner also raised the point “the artical 9 of self governance order 2009 says senior most judge of apex court will be the Chief Judge of supreme Appellate Court therefore the appointment of retired judge of Lahore High Cout as chief judge is illegal”.
He prayed the court to declare the appointment null and void.

2 thoughts on “Appointment of SAC Chief Judge challenged in Supreme Court

  1. “…..challenged in yhr Supreme Court of Pakistan…..”
    is this a short letter for the name of the court did not get it.

    another point.
    thanks someone’s mind is working in right or wrong way by challinging him from oath.

    “….the appointment of retired judge of lahore high cout as chief judge is illegal”.

    all the old and ritired …… of Punjab are sent to Gilgit to feed them

  2. o fool people of my area up till when you will keep nourishing this biased attitude ,we want quality and it should be preferred over locality,have the local judges delivered in the past three years,judge muzaffar sits as a judge of high court who is himself nominated in 3 FIR of murder,judge sahib khan has never appeared as a lawyer even in the sessions court and you still want local people

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