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Governor of Gilgit – Baltistan

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  1. There were about 47 comments regarding the appointment of Governor,which have been destroyed. Some new names were also suggested.How the above mentioned hand picked few names can reflect the wishes of the silent majority of the people of G-B? Isn’t it promoting one’s friends? Include some more names like G.M Sikandar, Mr.Amanullah Khan and Dr.Sher zaman.

    1. I fully agree with Dr.Sabit Rahim. But one thing must be
      ensured that who so ever is selected to be Governor,
      He/She must be a local person.

  2. Respected Dr Sb

    If you are referring to the discussion contained in the link below, let me clarify that it has not been deleted/destroyed.You can also access it by clicking on the link below.

    Nothing gets deleted at Pamir TImes, except for comments that are not in line with the comments etiquettes.

    Actually the discussion moved to page 2, as we added new posts. The discussion started on a news item posted by Pamir Times, on December 9, 2009 and is present in the archives section, completely intact.



  3. We have G.M Sikander as well. Today we are talking of international airport only because of his personal interest and efforts. I support him for many reasons and above one is one of them.

  4. i think sher jahan mir is most suitable person as every one is familiar about his contribution for GB example of Karakoram bank is infront of us how he made it one of leading profitable institutions of Gb from scrap.his peace work in shape of peace foundation is remarkable.he is local person and who preffered to stay in GB and to serve his nation.i pray and wish he would be the first governor.

  5. actually the manager missed the important name of Gilgit Baltistan. Mr Abdul Wahid Khan, EX Joint Secretay Establishmnet Division. he is the most suitable person for the post.

    1. The best person for the post of Governor GB is Mr Abdul Wahid Khan a local and Ex joint sec Govt of Pakistan.

  6. Please let me know about Sher Jahan Mir,The so called favoritfor Governors slot.
    I sugiest Nazir Sabirdespite idological clasheswith him.He is a man of International repute.He has good circle of influence almost every where in the world.
    Second option must be Mir Gazanfar Ali Khan.
    I suggest both these personalities for Governor’s slot due to their contacts & Influences.

  7. Meena ,
    I dout U have spent much time in GB other wise u should have not asked question about Sher Jehan Mir , atleast u should have taken time to read comments section it contains enough information. Let me share it with u that people living in GB have vision ,please do,t underestimate them.
    In the choices put up by u , Mr Nazir sabir can be a choice but not Mir Ghazanfer please tell
    1. How much time Mir Ghazanfer and his children have stayed in GB? we do not at all want to import people to rule us
    we love people who stood by us in the crisis.
    2. How many votes his son has got in this election ? just check the results . satatistics will tell u his papularity.
    If u talk of influence and contacts , First of all nations are not corporations who need people of influence to find strength rather nations strength lies in its people.
    2ndly Mr sher Jehan Mir is highly qualified and equally influential but he prefered to stay in GB when people of influence were moving away considering it a backward area.

  8. Dear Zarar

    I respect your emotions. I think I spent much time than you in Gilgit Baltistan. I particiapted actively in social activities than you. Still I am a part of GB. I got my early education from Hunza than Gilgit. But I’ve never heard about Sher Jahan Mir. He may be a man of Latters but may not be a good politician.
    I extend my thanks for considering Nazir Sabir as Governor GB but I contradict with your comments about Mir Ghazenfar Ali Khan(Mir of Hunza).
    First u r not from Hunza & you don’t know about Mir Ghazenfar & his Family. Even you don’t know how he worked for GB?
    In Pakistani Politices no one can survive without good contact than how a person without having good contacts can survive.
    One again I thank you for your generous comments. Hope u continue to share your generous ideas.

  9. Meena Ji,

    Your comments and point of view is respected but, you must understand the nature of leadership we need at this important phase we are going through. It’s not job of Nazir Sahib, because he’s laking leadership qualities. Talking of Mir sahib and his family, especially himself, his wife and Mir Saleem, you seem to be very very IGNORANT, what they’ve done to us can not be forgotten. Your way of talking about them shows you still are enslaved by them, wake up lady! I’m from Hunza, and I remember the Lahori “Ghondaghardi” Mir Saleem introduced in upper Hunza during, the sost port situation, it can’t be forgotten at all. Mir Ghazanfar selling himself for Rs. 3000 to transfer which he used to take as bribery from those poor CHAPARASIS. Is this the character that attracts you, these two are just few examples of their thousands of misdeeds. On top of that, today, we the people of Hunza couldn’t get 2nd seat, you why, only because of Mir. It’s very unfortunate of Hunza and its people that Mir Ghazanfar Ali is from Hunza. He’s not sincere at all with us!

    Staying back in Hunza doesn’t matter much, at least for me, what we need is to lead the proper leadership qualities, as I mentioned above, that we are going through a very important phase of our independence where we needed to be properly represented on all forums and led. This is not a joke.

    Why I don’t agree with you for Nazir Sabir, is that, he lakes leadership qualities, (I mean leadership qualities only). Recently, I have shared my views on pamir times about him too.

    Mir Jahangir, I don’t him at all, so, can’t comment on his leadership qualities.

    I personally, suggest G.M Skinader and Shigri Sahib. But the list doesn’t end here. We need to explore, we have educated, politically motivated, experienced and well informed leaders around us.


  11. ”Prof Ghulam Hussain Saleem ‘ from skardu is the best suitable man for the slot of Governor Gilgit Baltistan.

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