[Editorial] Wait and see Gojal sinking!

Wait and see is the only methodology employed by the current government with regards to resolution of the lake disaster in Hunza Valley. They waited for the water to rise and reach the spillway. Now they are waiting for the water to go down on its own. The waiting has a cost and the poor people of Gojal Valley are bearing it for the past six months.

Loss of 187 houses, countless trees, thousands of Kanals of cultivated and cultivable land and the resultant collapse of the region’s economy is a heavy blow for the society of Gojal.

There are also reports that the the lake’s height has again started increasing in the upstream areas due to rise in the water inflow in Khujrav River (also called Hunza River). It is a worrying situation for the already disgruntled communities of Gojal Valley.

The government needs to shun the wait and see phenomena and take safe and controlled mechanical measures to increase width of the spillway.

Gojal Valley has already paid heavily for the inefficiencies of others but the government has the power to reduce the impending hazards through fast and effective action. It is now a question of will power and the ability to decide.

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  1. Its really a concerning issue now it seems the lake has no sign to burst by itself. All Gojalys has to do it Voluntarily by themselves they shouldn’t wait for the Government, otherwise it will take another 3 months at least for the lake to take a little more erosion by itself.
    the right idea is to put some dynamite and blow it urgently:

    1. Agreed. The government has alreday proved its inefficiency and there is no more time to waste. The people affected know better what to do and should take the initiative, not ask anyone’s permission to save themselves!

  2. You are right Noor. This policy of wait and see negates the concept of disaster risk reduction and avoidance of re-creating disaster. This is no less than a crime to let disaster risks increase in the face of sufficient time available for reducing the risks. You know that my younger brother lost his life because he was stranded in Gulmit for three days due to the lake. I wrote an article about that which appeared in Dawn on March 21, a month after my brother passed away. That article also supports your ideas of how the authorities are playing with the sentiments of people.
    Here is the link to said article


  3. unity is strength, we all need to come together and do something by our own. we have waited alot i dont think that government is going to solve our problems.

  4. It is hard to just sit like empty handed. I wonder cant we do anything to register our voice to relevant authorities/govt for desired action . Right now timely and consistant action is required from our people specially Youth, siding political associations and personal gains. The issues talked about enough. The unity of people carries sheer power. The need of time is to light the current situation of IDPs and prospective future damages throgh well coordinated public protests.

  5. Even at this point of time local volunteers can widen the top width of the outlet with controlled blasting.. If they are provided detonators, safty fuse and other prerequisites!

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