[Disaster Literature] The deadly river

by Kamran Ahmed

A tremor that dragged us down

Trapped for months we will be found

A mist of despondency in the sky

The night’s woe, the day time’s cry

Ensnared in disaster without relief

We’re left distressed despite belief

We long for days that passed away

With dreams, smiles and sunlight’s ray

The unfathomable river with carnage aim

Conquers our valley in a dreadful game

It’s waves are brackish with human tears

It’s ebb and flow that essence fears

Sick of prey yet bawls for more

Deadly wrecks on its hostile shore

It razes and razes, the beat goes on

As nature persists it’s work upon

Twixt between our mores and rights

We are perplexed in how to to fight

Lets break the nut shell and raise our voice

Lets snatch our right we have no choice

Our decades of progress is not vain

My heart tells me we will sustain

Again we’d rise from mortal gash

Like phoenix takes it’s birth from ash

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  1. Very impressive, Khiryan,

    You seem to ba a very nice poet, I wish to see more from you.

    Keep it up.


  2. well done.a very great and inspiring piece of writing so beautifully is full of hope and it planted a seedling of belief in my heart that the people of gojal will inshallah face the clamity with great courage and bravery.

  3. very nice ,,,that wat we call intellectual tradition …inovation and inspiration to express feelings ….keep it up

    MMQizill (Attabadi)

  4. Dear Kamran Ahmed, a highly appreciate your poetry, keep it up, it is wonderful

    Fayyaz Ahmed Dewan

  5. Nice poem … halat nay ap ko shayer bhe bana diya. kami bhai i liked ur poem because there is Hope in it…

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