[Editorial] Peace in Muharram

First month of the Islamic Calendar, Muharram – al – Haaram, starts today. The Ashura will be observed on December 17.

According to history, Hazrat Imam Hussain (AS), the grand child of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), and his 72 companions including family member were martyred by the army of Yazeed on the 10th day of Muharram, in the 61st (AH) Islamic year, 680 AD.

Yazeed had demanded of Imam Hussain (AS) to surrender to him and accept him as a Caliph but the grandchild of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) refused to do so. The confrontation led to a war fought on the banks of River Euphrates in which the Imam was martyred along with most of his family members and supporters.

Majority of the Muslims believe that Imam Hussain (AS) was the legitimate Caliph and his refusal to submit to the power of Yazeed was a principle stand.

That Imam Hussain (AS) sacrificed his life for a principled stand and refused to play to the whims of a tyrant is indeed an inspiring event of world history having great lessons for humanity.

Majority population of Gilgit – Baltistan comprises Shia Muslims (Including Ithna Ashris , aka. Twelvers, and Ismailis), so the month of Muharram is observed with great religious zeal and enthusiasm across the region.

Although the government has made extensive security arrangements to ensure safety and security of the processions and Majalis, we feel that only the citizens’ resolve and willingness to tolerate each other and respect diversity of beliefs can guarantee peace and harmony.

Through this post we would like to make an appeal for peace, harmony, more tolerance, and more respect for diversity in the wake of Muharram – al – Haram, to ensure sanctity of the month, as well as to pay tributes to Imam Hussain and his martyred family.

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