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Comment Etiquettes

Pamir Times has emerged as a very effective medium in bridging gaps of distances and time. Our readership has increased manifolds and so has the number of comments we receive increased exponentially. 


Interactivity is the biggest strength of Pamir Times. However, as this portal has a diverse audience with different sensibilities and opinions, harsh language and the use of profanity, hate speeches or use of threatening language is not allowed nor will it be tolerated. We consider all the readers of Pamir Times as part of a family and expect that in our conversations we will behave in the same way that we behave inside our homes.

To be able to get approved for appearance on the Pamir Times all comments;

·     Shall be posted using original name, consistent nicks, and/or verifiable email addresses. All comments not following this rule will not be allowed space on Pamir Times

·     Shall not be containing abusive, derogatory or harsh verbal attacks on any individual or a family. Such comments shall automatically qualify for deletion

·     shall be objective, free of personal bias and supported with facts


·     All comments made by individuals are solely their own responsibility but by posting the comments you allow the editors to edit, alter, remove  words and/or sentences/phrases in the content that are not in line with the comments Etiquette.

  • We try to ensure that comments are moderated to the optimum level. However, at times we may not be able to read each and every word. If such a comment gets published, kindly inform us so that we are able to review it and take appropriate action.

124 thoughts on “Comment Etiquettes

  1. Dear Editor,

    I agree with the guidelines given to the readers. This should be a very mature platform and I, personally, don not agree with the definition of freedom of speech to write anything abusive or beyond morality.

    With lots of prayers


  2. Sav e tatver ofarin! Shabash, zindabod Noori et Zulfi. Hedzereng i baf niya ki khalgisht ce yishal en tra vich me nuewzen.

  3. Rightly said its need of the time, as we are having diverse opinions, and interacting in pluralistic manner

    I would suggest Parim Time should use some more verifiable means of identifications like, web authentication of all email address and also keep personal information like Office/residential Address and Phone numbers of contributors/commentator

  4. I agree with ur guidence.Use of profanity,Harsh language is not a part of our civilizedled and well_mannered society.We should behave in the same way that we behave inside our homes.Inshallah the readers of pamir time will avoid writing anything abusive and beyond morality.

    with prayers
    Anita Aziz

  5. it is indespensible to maintain our norms alive,for this reason what so ever you introduced i feel it is good, readers of PT has been increasing rapidly which comprises sisters as well, to use imoral language is so insulting for this plat form, i appreciate your ever single step, that is in best interest of our values and readers

  6. A set rule and regulations or guidlines are very neccecary in every organisation and profession, its keeps on track, I also suggest that you should develop membership form on your web to make each comentator as part of your family/team.

    Ali Asghar

  7. ……….somehow contradictry with the views of the EDITOR because if you and your team have made this web for news or others and are also asking for comments than i think criticism must be thing more one should not expect every single word soft and humble,criticism must be there and i don’t think that people commenting may use that much harsh and abusive language. how can you consider it a family when all your personal matters are not only read by the wakhis but also all over the world.

  8. well this would be really marvlious if there shoud be some rules to be set for all contributers and commentators as well.
    One more thing, critisiam based on postive way resolves issues, so we all have to think for posative way and to respect the others comments.
    I am agree with you!!!

  9. Dear Noor
    Let us be open and let us open our hearts. problems are created when one is not allowed to express himself freely. if one is limitised and set into boundries he can tolerate for a certain time but will burst out at last.
    let the people say what they want to say if one is abusing me and am deserving ot then it is ok. i will never mind i should tolerate and mend my self. but all this should be for a better cause.


  10. conclusion after reading dem all, i got agree and one more thing to say let ppl say any thing de want but a rule must be written out here 4 ppl follow dat rules and comments.

  11. Ske ghar sar safz humiet
    Ske sharshe sar Merik humiet

    Zeng baffe yarkesh ce saret
    Hamesh sarbuland humiet

    To my dear Noor and his teem all the best


  12. The basic upbringing or School and teacher is our mother, We are what our mother n father teaches us at home and than we come out with that to outside the home to see meet friends, and all animals, trees, etc so our parents, our friends and our teachers and class mats the total sum up becomes our personality , habit, language , abusing is basically a way of communication which we get from the area we are, and we think or percept that this languge should be used during joke, angry time or during fighting.
    So doent matter we had our phd, or master, our inner language through life will be what have been grounded in us by the society we came from.

    So that is basically not a human language to me human language is very nice , full of love , full of openness and hapiness and comfort and wisdom sorry for using many and.
    so guys be happy and leave the poor language to aside and pick the good ones even during fighting joking and at any time or at all the times be polite and forget the naming words wash them from the screens and see the differnce in yourself.

    ok guys good luck

    Naseer Ahmed

  13. Agreed! These are the standard rules…

    But more responsibility on the shoulders of editors and moderators, you may receive distinct comments from readers, but you have to be more careful while bringing out these comments. Truth only truth, but some times even truth can become threats for national or regional interest. Its difficult job dear.But so far you guys are doing well …

  14. @ Sajad Haider

    Why is JANG called JANG.. when it talks about Pakistan most of the time?

    Why is DAWN called DAWN?
    Why is Daily Mail called Daily Mail?
    Why is New York Times called New York Times.. when the entire globe is discussed there?
    Why is Hindustan Times called Hindustan Times when the entire globe is discussed there?
    Why is “the Hindu” called “the Hindu” when every religion, in fact the the entire world, is dicussed there?

    Pamir is a good word. It has a wider scope and in future it PT can start discussing the entire region around Pamir Mountains…. as the trade routes open and cultural ties strengthen.

    Bravo Pamir Times… well done… keep it up. Don’t fall in the trap of Hunza-Gojal syllogism. As far as you represent Gojal and Hunza… and the rest of Gilgit – Baltistan… you don’t need to worry about the name 😀

    KADO ko dekho.. naam kaqaruram aur kaam Karim Abad – Ali Abad may 😀

    Jeeya Pomiri

    1. what a tit 4 tate, plz go back to top- guidlines.

      patience needed……….

      Still good to learn from such a galaxy of views.

      keep it up

  15. Dear MR. Noor Mohammad/Zulfiqar Ali khan
    Since it’s birth Pamir News Blog Emerging on his way to success
    And popularity among the readers. The only one reliable news recourse
    From the northern area. In the space of short period of time it makes it’s value and importance for those who are interested with news and information form that area.
    I start to read this news from last four month’s I am now habitual to visit this site.
    I really thank to MR. Noor, and Zulfiqar for there tremendous effort and
    achievements for this wonder full work. and there are many more volunteers and friend who are part of this news recourse my sincere thanks to all of them.
    Hikayat shah Saudi Arabia

  16. Dear Editor,

    The rules are perfect and ofcourse editor has the right to remove, alter or replace words which are abusive in nature. I think you better use your scissors of editing and allow only those words or phrases which qualify the standards of PT.


    Sultan Ahmed

  17. Good
    A small mistake brings a big distruction.
    it is the the big wall to stop those small mistakes
    and also
    remove the big distruction.
    Aziz karim

  18. Dear Editor ,,,,
    it is nice to get all kind of information here, but sometimes try to highlights international issues too…

  19. Pakistan Sangeet Icon is reality-based singing competition to be shown on INDUS TV Network.

    The purpose is to give Pakistan a new voice and one powerful aspirant. Contestants are selected from all around Pakistan .

    Judges : Ali Haider, Mikaal Hassan and Pappu,

    Every Saturday and Sunday
    Indus Vision 08:00 PM
    MTV 09:00 PM
    G KA BOOM 11:00 PM

    Type : 01 (space) your-name (space) city & send it to 1313

    The Contestant of PAKISTAN SANGEET ICON Tahir Naeem Gilgiti who represents the Northern Areas enthusiastic people,espacially Youth of his area.kindly it is request u that put this news on ur webpage.

    i shall b very thankfull to u


  20. For fizzi ! who thinks that criticisum must be there but you are not bound for that you dnt criticise cum on you can ..but being an educatd criticise not illitrate/xtraordinary okay
    hope you dnt mind….

  21. if there is will there is a go down in the ground lets see wat happens.nuthing is impossible impossibile itself says I M Possible……. so continue watever you people have started its a nice job…..

    regards and well aisher

  22. GOOD JOB PAMIR TIME also enclude Tajikistan and Afghanistan news .

    DIDAR MUBARAK from Pamir Tajikistan

    Farhat , Tajikistan

  23. DIDAR MUBARAK from Khorog, good job PT, keep it up and also accomodate some people from Tajikistan and Afghanistan.

    Muhabbat Ali
    Khorog Tajikistan

  24. Paths are made by walking ….
    yours is clear…
    for those that follow

    all strength to you with your task


  25. Dear Noor,

    Rules Agreed!
    Thanks for providing us such a wonderfull blog in shape of PAMIR NEWS. Congrats your team for job well done.
    It is like a family forum, we must be well mannered and behaved when we comment some thing.


    Ejaz Karim

  26. I personally agree with the terms and condition set for posting information, and the interaction platform provided to us is outstanding and i appreciate this positive move.

  27. Hi Noor,

    My name is Barkat and live in Sydney Australia.
    I have visited Pamir mountains area before and wish to vidit this year in June.
    We have a PamitTimes representative in Australia.
    Is it possible to contact him amd know more about Pamir area and organise some social work and funding to help people who are in needs.

    Barkat Khawaja
    PO BOX 451
    Concord NSW Australia 2137
    Ph 0411 627 048

  28. Areed though. but what if the soclled PT editors and moderators reflect their select mentality in the name of rules & regulations. why are you afraid of free speech and history? Must there be a skeleton inyour cubord and please revisit your past before becoming ruling editors and moderators! every piece of your wakhi comment represents a hidden hate messaage directed against certain people and their region. even then you are out to teach ettiquettes to people who had been blesssed with historical civilization and court facility. you are putting the cart before the horse.

  29. i totally agree with editor. i have my own personal view by with you or many member (does agree or does not agree) is up load our cultural music and link the web site with whole world informative web site such as VOA, GEO web and international geographic web site. i would like to know your personal view Mr. editor?
    Amin Karim Hunzai.

  30. i wrot a comment on the political discussion of chief justice but you did not posted it. i can better read your mentalities the way you are thinking and promoting a polotical party. by the way try to cover the whole gojal if u are runing it with the name of gojal because gojal is very wide beyond your thinking. let me know if u have some question regarding this and i will prove evry term if have told here.

  31. we are agree but kindly start your programm in remote areas of balochistan specialy in district washuk balochistan where people are suffring and they need your kind support and attention

  32. Salam from Afghan: Pamir time it is running well …But it require more local news and updated daily bases. Most of the NAs people who are out of country or area the find Pamir time as a local news website too. So keep us UP to DATE pls..Wonderful work and good luck….!!!!

  33. is site ko sirf mehdud nai rakho gojal ka nam agar likhtay ho to pura area ka nam likho. asa lagat ha ke nurmomad ka apna dada ka site ha ya. is ko sirf shishkat skord sa lay kar skord dur tak nai rako. ap ka tasver hama nai chaeya. balke koye mufeed cheeza likho.
    or tmamm padny walu ko b ya message dana chahtay ha ke ya sits sirf mehdud ha.

  34. Gojal dot net is a usefull site, I wish to know whether this page is just for the people of Gojal or for the people of Shishkat to Chipursan and Shimshal, if the answer is “NO”, Make this page open for all readers and viewers of “Gilgit Baltistan”.

    Take Care, Alisher, Gilgit.

    Weldone, Keep it up.

  35. is a usefull site, I wish to know whether this page is just for the people of Gojal i.e. for the people from Shishkat to Chipursan and Shimshal, if the answer is “NO”, Make this page open to all readers and viewers of “Gilgit Baltistan”.

    Take Care, Alisher, Gilgit.

    Weldone, Keep it up.

  36. is a very useful website to bridging the gaps between the nations…..especially from the mountainious areas to urban areas as well as rest of the world……………. we never allow or see any sudden exit of this website from the net, instead we will see it as emerging better then better then better……
    best regards for team.

  37. u r doing a wonderful job for this nation
    God bless u all team of pamir times.
    i m urs fain………….

  38. I am Saima Zeb Faredi working in an organization at Islamabad.i have visited the site of Pamir Times many time with my friend Farzana Shah.i liked the unity of yours community.i would be like to serve humanity like you people are doing.I am proud of being friend od Farzana shah which have make a great space in my heart being a good friend.

  39. Happinezz!

    “Being happy doesn’t mean everything is perfect.

    Its mean that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.”

    “Off all things you are wear

    your expression is the most important.”

    “To forgive is the highest, most beautiful form of love,

    In return, you will receive untold peace and happiness.

  40. proud to be gojali. exactually every organization have got their own terms and services or guidelines and it is the first and foremost duty of every reader agree with these guidlines

  41. Finally, it is only through a regional approach that one could develop new models for lasting security and cooperation in the region while trying to unify these divided countries around youth as their most precious asset. ,

  42. Some of the best lines I’ve read……

    Some of the best lines I’ve read……u will also love them too………

    1. Keeping a smile on your face,

    When inside you feel like dying,

    For the sake of suppoeting other,

    …….. means Strength

    2. Stopping at nothing,

    And doing what’s in your heart,

    You know is right,

    … means Determination

    3. Doing more than expected,

    To make another’s life a little more bearable,

    Without uttering a single complaint,

    … means Compasssion

    4. Helping a friend in need,

    No matter the time or effort,

    To the best of your ability,

    … means Loyalty

    5. Give more than you have,

    And excepting nothing,

    But nothing is return,

    … means Selfessness

    6. Holding you head high

    And being the best you know you can be

    When life seems to fall apart at your feet,

    Facing each difficulty with the confidence

    That time will bring you better tommorrow’s,

    And never giving up,

    … means Confidence

    7. To the question of your Life,

    you are the only Answer.

    To the problem of your life,

    you are the only Solution.

  43. well keep it upp……..
    such a great work……………..
    and plz update about danyore news also……………

  44. Today 24th Novermber 2009, Students of Karakurm International university have Initiated to form a new unit of Gojal Student Federation(GSF) in Gilgit.
    Tomorrow 25th Nov is their first formal meeting.

  45. Dear Mr. Sultan Abbas Saheb;

    Please differentiate ,

    1. you are writing a paper not discussing with your 6father by siting around fire at your home. Make your statement concise and meaningful without attempting to show your strong verbal English to the readers.

    2. Try to differentiate the economic situation between Hunza and London, where billions of dollars and Euros business.

    3. Try to come out with substantial solutions that will benefit the people of region, otherwise the aim of giving to give you such an opportunity to study at IIS London will go in ruin.

    Thanks ,

    ur’s truly,




    1. Different Peoples Different thinking……..Like ma broder has expressed.
      I will ask a simple question from him on his this statement…….
      the reason is that there is no any updates of gojal!…….
      Are you willingness to work as a volunteer for PT from passu.
      Indeed it is easy to say ya but a very difficult task to give time on daily basis.
      Blindly criticize is very easy but working actively is its opposite.
      And I dont see any news from Gulmit on regular basis.

  47. The Chief Minister should be in Hunza in this critical time instead of roaming here n there in Pakistan

  48. yes it is right. making a plateform with large amount of contents is not a big achievement but attaining it with maintaining quality is the real achievement and for that restrictions and set of rules is necessary. keep updating us. love PT

  49. Gojal valley inflicted again by devastation of natural disaster.

    January 4, 2010 by natural disaster a huge pieces of rocks hit the valley of Gojal and blocked the river and KKH road and changed it into cul-de-sac.

    This is not a new phenomena, this kind of rocks disaster appeared for the last several years and will continue further. As in 1852 a horrific rocks of debris blocked the river from the right bank at the same place (Sarat). Overloading 500 meter high material in the river formed 45 kilometer long dam. And the river water inundated in the entire valley. The inundation took three years from Sarat up to Khyber village. After spilt down the flood water wiped out villages and pieces of lands. The long river way areas from Hunza down to Karachi severely affected by its flood water. People left their home valley and fled away. Today this dire devastation repeats the continuing disaster of its past.

    We (the people of Gojal) sway your attention towards this horrible seen. Where the government of Pakistan, local administration and the so called elected representatives and media from Gilgit Bultistan do not take it a serious matter. This devastation not only swallowed life of human being in Sarat but deeply affected the entire region. As the details are here.

    Total village in the entire valley existed 27.
    Total population 25000
    Number of houses 3500
    Number of shifted houses because of inundation 14
    Cutting of trees 8000
    Total population severely under threat 7000

    Apart from the above loss, down ward the whole region along with its property like villages, agriculture land, houses KKH road, bridges and power houses are severely under threat.

    The so called elected representatives still kept mum on this serious issue, while in the election time they come with their lords for begging votes but this time they are in their bounded web. They do not have the feeling of people’s reaction on their perishing.

    The area that posses an important role geographically, politically and economically between China and Pakistan. And it is the biggest Tehsil in Gilgit Bultistan. Instead of playing an important role, today the life of people of the area become paralyzed. They are rudderless, no one is responsible to release them from this worst catastrophe. Water is rapidly rising. The property of people are submerging in the water. Their food store left empty. Their source of transportation ceased because of lack of fuel. Their business flopped. And people are completely apprehensive about the dire consequences of water inundation. And even if the delay prolonged then it would be very difficult for them to cultivate their crops/vegetables because of non availability of seed fertilizer and fuel. They will live for no option for their survive lance.

    The prolong disruption of KKH may potentially impact the local economy, particularly the production of early cash crops like potato (Rs 344-413 million per annum), the retailing and Sost border town business (Rs 150-250 million), international border trade(Rs 1.2 to 3 billion) disrupting work on widening of KKH by Chinese engineers and workers.

    The Gilgit Bultistan local representatives are drudging to do some thing to save their skin, but the decision makers show their reluctance to hear them. The southern minister from government side visited the areas and except soothing the people they did nothing against their coming difficulties. The helicopter service is not sufficient and it does not make the people relent from their coming further devastation.

    This time the government must clear its plan and strategy to release water and construct the road to link the way. Further delay will create more difficulties. The people don’t know either the government is going to take any action or not, or what does the government think? These kinds of questions are lingering in the mind of depressed people. Vain hope and promises could not satisfy the affected population.

    The huge debris reported to be 273-288 feet high at the river point and 246 feet high at the right bank. The length of the debris from the main block to the toe up stream is reported to be 2-2-5 kilometer long and over 62 feet in height

    As per the report the above key challenges for the government is certainly an expensive task, but if the government lacks the technical and human resources then support from Chinese government or any other international expertise should be requested and deployed to timely release of water from the dam and lowering the rise of water potentially threatening the KKH, Chinese bridge and directly affecting over 75 households and indirectly over 300 households of Ayeenabad, Shishkat and Gulmit.

    Instead of being a dispute area the people of Hunza and upper Hunza (Gojal) always supported Pakistan and China. Since 1969-70 Hunza state closely coordinated with Pakistani and Chinese government to allowing Hunza valley for the construction of KKH to relive the silk rout friendship with China. And even today the people of valley are very supported with Chinese CRBC in widening the KKH. The local communities are providing them land and raw material to the contractors. Working with them any time if the needed.

    There for on this calamity the Pakistani and Chinese government should put their efforts and resources to release water to mitigate the depression of affected people who are very near to meet more destruction. Continued river and road block for the next 2 to 6 months impact the local economy and the livelihood of people mainly disrupting agriculture input supplies, cultivation of potato and other early crops leading to crop and income loss for poor farmer.
    This also impact the Sost border town business, transport sector business, international border trade with China and affecting the annual development priorities of the government and the development agencies.

    Written by
    Ali Quraban (Rabta Committee Mutasreen Gojal, Gilgit Unit)

  50. Hi There,

    I noticed so many things keep repeating on this site,
    And I think you dont need to post a video clip from Voice of America, same contents you published nearly a month ago.

    Sometimes we see the same news and you dont even notice if the elections are over or not.

    Please keep updating everything if u want to call it Pamir Times.

    We all appreciate your efforts

    best wishes

  51. long life PT …. Great job zulfi & Nur bahi. keep it up. we r wth u. We r proud of u guys….

  52. Salam o alikum Hunza Gojal,

    We the Gilgit Baltistan youth and Scouts in Abbottabad, appreciate and SALUTE the Ismaili Volunteers and scouts for there out class and trumendous, services to the people of Hunza Gojal. May Allah Bless you all with bundle of Love and cares.

    best wishes
    ABS(abbottabad scouts)

  53. Dear All;

    YAM & ASA;

    This is Borushen since long time out of country as well as my village at central Hunza. I am searching for Mr. Jabir e-mail ID or his contact number , b/c i wanna send him some Borushaski Songs that i have written few months ago. I will highly appreciate if somebody will help me to find this noteable and well famour singer either e-mail ID or Mobile number.
    Please kindly send e-mail ID or contact number here on pamir times comment page as response.

    In advance thanks for your kind cooperation.

    Your’s truly,


  54. hi everybody

    im writing a paper related to contemporary youth issues in Gilgit-Baltistan. those who are currently living there, i need your feedback. just let me know what u think are the most important challenges faced by youth in that part of the country. ill appreciate your contribution.



  55. Dear all,
    I am one of the victims I am from ATTA ABAD. Thanks to all to share your precious views and ideas. Now we badly need to protest against the Govt. Pakistan PPP which is completely fail in front of the situation as you know better our mom town sinking with Every strike of the clock it’s the best time for all to come together forget their worries and quarrel create harmony and assists each other. Face the challenges give hands in hands and shout in a loud voice.
    It’s the final stage of helplessly we are sinking and business community doing business on our heads we should to stop them they have made a think about it…….

  56. spurb job you guys are doing!! you know ab PT youth ke saath saath old genration mai bhi boht famous hua hai… i visited karachi and i was surprised to see my Anti and Uncle brosing PT every hour of the day for more news update about the recent clamaty!!

  57. This is a natural desaster which has affect our area and we should support our people
    come foward and give donetation to the affected area………..
    dont be late its all over,,,,,,,,,,,,…………

    sammar jan

  58. we are appreacting this site inshall people will give donation our best wishes are with you…….

  59. i hope that u guyazs are doing a fantastic job for all of us,…
    keep going aga bado…..
    sammar jan

  60. hunza is my love, although i have been there just once but can never forget the views, the peaks , the landscape and the most important the people of this valley are the most generous and kind in the world i must say, i amuzes me how they treat u with kindness and are always ready to support you when ur visiting hunza, i am going to have annual leaves from office in a week or two and i am planing to visit my fellow people soon…i miss hunza very much and i am also very sad about the lake event that took place and so many lost lives…inshallah i hope and pray that the lake may end soon and slowly or may be if we can find a permanent but a smaller and a safe lake there, may it will of some good to the people of this area…..ameen

  61. Tell the honourable leaders who are so furious about the feelings of Pakistan regarding Pakistan.I fully support those people of Hunza who have highlighted the discrimination hunzukuz are facing .The respectable leaders should play their role in addressing the core issues with the lake issue and relief work on the top of the list.Pakistan government wants relief money from foreign countries by putting us through all this trouble.We dont share anything interms of culture/language or tradition.Pakistan government has always suppressed us and will continue to do so in future.Either give us equal rights or leave us in peace.

  62. Dear editor I would like to request you if you have pictures of Kaghan valey,Mansehra,oghi,darband pls view.Thanks regards.

  63. I have had the good fortune of visiting this beautifull valley back in 2001. I with my family travelled from Lahore right upto the Kunjarab Pass. Of all our domestic travels this was most beautifull and unforgetable trip. Hunza is a unique valley surrounded with snow covered peaks on all sides. You wake up in your bed and have a beautifull view of the Rakaposhi peak in full view right thorugh your hotel window. When we visited Kunjarab pass it was the month of July and it was snowing there. Our meeting with Chinese sightseers was also very memorable. I could go on and on describing the beauty of the region.

    The attitde of the government towards the Attabad disaster is realy deplorable. Just look how Mr Baber Awan is desperate to distibute money among the Lawyer associations but these same ministers, when they visited Hunza, went there empty handed. Such are the priorities of the our “AWAMI” Govenrment.

    Only God can help our country and people of the disaster areas.

  64. Thanks ALLAH I found a source of news of Gilgit area. Could some inform/advise me if its possible to go from Gilgit to Khujerab Pass, either bypassing Attabad area (road closed?) or through a boat via Attabad lake?? I have visa for China and I want to take my family to China via KKH to Kashi. Could someone help??? Thanks

  65. Dear Pamir Times Team,

    I am daily visitor of your site for last six months but my affiliation with Great people of Gilgit-Balitistan and immaculate landscapes is quit much long. You people are doing great job.

    best regards,
    Ali Abid Dar

  66. Time to wake up from years of long sleep of ignorance.Time to understand we are Hunzukuz first and than anything else.Time to understand the way our culture,our language and our scholars are suppressed.Time to realize the discrimination we are facing.Time to think about accepting the diversity within our own communities and unite and become a strong force to crush the enemies.Time to understand we are Hunzukuz.

  67. I want to know what kind of enemies Dr. Jamila has perceived and need to face by all Hunzukuz. I am afraid such a kind of language is not praise worthy from an educated person like you.

  68. What do you mean by “we are Hunzukuz” Dr.Jamila????
    U are talking about the removal of discriminations and you yourself separating the reigonalism???
    Oroon ko nasihat..khud miyan fazeehat ????
    Wah…. what a nice strategy????

  69. Dear Anayat Baig,I am educated thats why i can see the discrimination which probably you cant percieve.Have we been given equal rights as any othe Pakistani gets,even within our small communities Punjabi and Khoja culture is taking over.Our so called leaders are either bowing for Pak govt officials or religious leaders.How much literature do you have in your local languages? and how much of that is freely being allowed to be published and read?.In our festives and celebration we are singing things in other languages and feeling proud about not promoting our own language.Instead of sticking to healthy nutritious local foods we have changed our taste and prefer to eat unhealthy food served in other parts of sub-continent.Openess and respepect for diversitry doesnot mean you have to loose your identity.Mr Anayat Baig I am proud to be Hunzukuz and part of Northern areas and proud thatI am in a foreighn country but my children speak their mother tongue and know about their roots. Every language and race is respectable and every person has the right to keep his identity.Give me one good reason why we should not stick our our identities?Give me one reason why our men should die for a country which is not even giving equal representation in national assembly?Give me one good reason why I should respect those leaders who want my and your children to practice their religion in a foreighn language which is not Arabic nor their mother tongue?Give me one good reason why we should let our beautiful languages die which are so unique and special? Open you eyes and heart and you will see what I am trying to explain.

  70. Let me explain one thing to my friends from other parts of Northern Areas. What I meant by Hunzukuz was both upper and lower Hunza and when I say people who discriminate us ,I mean people outside Northern areas. I am not refering to people from northern areas in any negative way I am woriied about influences from other parts of Pakistan.Pakistan…a country which i am not sure whether is my country or not? because if it is my country than I should have representation in Pakistan National Assembly.

    1. hay dear jamila,
      i am a punjabi but i dont think so that i am a punjabi when i say that i am a pakistani. same wise we have think at broad level. we are just pakistani
      whether we are pathan,blochi,sindhi etc.we have to reach above this discrimination then we’ll be true pakistani.
      the second thing is that you said that “Have we been given equal rights as any other Pakistani gets” you are right at vast extent.
      dear i have to explain that we are also the victims of our leaders. we ain’t having the basics needs too.they are doing according to their want and don’t get opinion of local people. we people have true love for you.we want to do something for your people but we local people have not enough power.
      As you said that you are an educated people then it will be very easy to explain to you
      why don’t you think that if our leaders are right they can provide us equal rights?
      why don’t we think that we should be very careful while casting vote so that right person should be placed for right leader?
      we don’t we think that we are now educated we can fight for our right(it takes long time but success will be ours )?
      we can’t we encourage to our youth?anyways
      Dear this is open debates anyway, let me tell you my feeling about your areas.
      “you area is heaven on people are enjoying the real nature.i love your people cos you are simple honest and hard worker.”
      my prayers are always with you.pardon me if there have been any mistake.thanks
      you can feedback at

  71. salam
    dear editor I m shawked by your statement on home page about the nationalist parties of gilgit baltiatan specially about the BNF. BNF is he patriotic party of gilgit baltistan and u call them the culprits of raw.I think u r feeded by the anti gilgit baltistan element.for your kind information 70% eaducated youth of gilgit baltistan is affliated with you should not use such kind of language about the patriotic nationalist party of gilgit baltistan.think on it
    giyai BNF
    giyai naji

  72. Freedom of speech but no miss use of freedom of speech.
    These are ethical principles not rules.
    I agree with the moderator.

  73. this is thousand of time i am saying noor bahe to publish ma web site through PT but dont show any interest about that … what will i think about this act…
    there is link of passu in PT and there is no any info about the village even every bodies know that passu is the place where tourist want to come and famous for its beauty and hospitality…
    the only thing which i want from PT is that just add this link on heart of …….
    we are updating this site chronologically….

  74. The recent incidents in Hunza is very unfortunate. Hunza was always a place of moderators who lived long,who loved music and who never indulged in crimes.Unfortunately as the height of our youngsters is reducing with each new generation our minds are becoming narrower and as the complexion of our people is becoming darker so are our hearts.The rest of Pakistan has not gained anything other than bad reputation in the world and unrest in the country what is our youngsters going to gain by following the foot steps of munafiq.

  75. where this pamir actually is we are from chator khand iskoman we have comman boarders with broghal,wakhan,gijal,naltar and yasin but non of the agencies is appreciating us we have great postures,mountains,lakes,rivers,glaciers,wild animals and plants. we need to advertise our region. please i am requesting you all to come and atleast aone time visite our region i will guide as well as serve you people………………….

  76. Congratulations Noor bhai..! You are doing a great job. You have provided a marvellous platform for mountain voices to share their feelings, ideas, issues round the clock. Still more things to improve.

    Best of LUck..!!

    Salman Khan

  77. hi everybody…..
    pamir times has explicitly grown up into a plateform which speaks the ideas,the thoughts,culure of gilgit baltistan…………but it shouldn’t be confined to majorly a particular area i.e District or city….it should tell about the corners of region vehemently,and should share the voices of its all inhabitants……..
    regards,,,,,,,,plz do share some blogs informatons about the education in GB….

  78. Very nice to see the Headline theme installed and the blog quality has really improved in terms of the interface but the attraction has been disturbed a little i think but with the passage of time reawders will get used to it. I really miss that header, i loved that.
    Moreover the widgets at the bottom are not properly arranged and the big calender makes it a little ugly. That is a feedback from my side .
    thanks for making it better for us ,best of luck team 🙂

  79. From various international press article; i am aware that CHINA is playing a far bigger role in your region. But why your website is not showcasing those activities in any of your articles.

    It is not a state secret any more. Pls do the balance reporting.

  80. Tag of war on Headquarter of Hunza/Nagar District
    Every one of Gilgit Baltistan’s so called assembly member of Hunza Nagar district is pulling the rope of district headquarter to his part. People become blind of their vested interested. Common interest dominated by the individual, sectarian, ethnic and religious boundaries. Here human easy access and rights are completely avoided and trampled. What a strange suggestion comes from Mohd Ali Akhter that Arespu Dass should be the headquarter of Hunza/Nagar district. Sumayar, Asqurdass, Shayar and Arespu is not the matter of suggested areas. Easy access for the remote or sequestered people is the issue. The district headquarter is not for the village, it is for the people whose access should become easy and workable for Shingshall to Chipurson and Hisper to Khiszerabad.
    The representatives from each village should be consulted, then with a consensus they have to reach at proper decision. Here no one is all in all. These representatives who become decision maker are incidentally from the people not from any superstitious power. District headquarter is not the property of few so called representatives, this is the property of people. They must consider the sensible people of each village. There is no room for one man decision. If the present government allows it then take the irrational decision.
    Ali Qurban

  81. it is a great tragedy what has happened in hunza vally, our country and specially the politiciens and administration is 100% currupt to come out from this kind of situation there is only one situation remain is (REVOLTION) by elimination of all currupt people then peace can possible . i am shocked about the action taken by the YAZID police on innocent people of hunza. i share my feelings and anger regarding what has happen. courage and courage for further protests.

  82. Dear All,

    I would like to say that we are nothing under natural disasters. We can’t defense ourselves from these adversities because we know that these catastrohes may happen anytime. We can’t neither hide ourselves in a corner in order to keep our life safe. However, a murder can never ever be natural because we are the ones who contributed these adversities. We involve ourselves and think that nothing will happen, but later we found that a worst thing has happened. This all is because of our nature. We let ourselves free. We have already crossed boundries of life. Therefore, we should keep oursleves in a certain limit so that we could protect our life, our home,and our country….

  83. Dear Parmir Times,
    I became aware of the BG area through books, and now feel love and caring for the community. It is really nice to be able to read about how things are going with you. I send my best wishes and whole-hearted goodwill to all the people in BG.
    J. Strain
    San Francisco region, California, USA

  84. It is tragic to hear that the only institute for special persons in gb will be handed over for medical college.i think cm should think that if it is the only accessable building in gb .then how he can facilitate those special children by shifting them in another building and where is the location of the new building for special children .is it accessale for special children .does the new building has all the necessary measures( ramps .hand rails .proper and accessable path ways etc ) which a special child needs. Is the new building is near any health care unit or hospitle because a special /disable child could need the medical facility child any time .these are the questions to be raised and guide cm about the problems of special needs child.we should try to stop this decision .because it is against the human rights commision act.if govt wants to open medical college .most welcome but dont take the basic right of the special people as they need special CARE and ATTENTION.

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