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People of Mastuj Chitral protest against collapse of bridge, “demand merger with Gilgit – Baltistan”

by Mohammad Yousuf Zond Mastuj Chitral, August 31: Irritated people of Mastuj Tehsil at a public meeting here on Sunday demanded that their area should be merged into the neighboring Gilgit-Baltistan, saying the NWFP government has failed to provide them basic facilities and protect their property and lives. As district administration...

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Target killing of Chitralis in Bajaur

PT Report Masked men in Bajaur agency killed four Chitralis, after confirming their identities from the National Identity Cards, according to news reports published in various newspapers. According to details two brothers from Karimabad valley, Anwar Hussain and Syed Ahamd, were among the four men, aged 20-30, killed. The other...

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Shandur Festival 2009 dedicated to martyrs of Gilgit – Baltistan & Chitral

PESHAWAR: Shandur Polo Festival 2009 will be held according to schedule and this year’s event will be dedicated to the soldiers from Chitral and Gilgit who have laid down their lives in the ongoing operation in Malakand Division. NWFP Minister for Sports, Tourism and Culture Syed Aqil Shah stated this...

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Translation: The words of Nasir-e-Khusrow are realities, containing hidden meanings   see with the eyes of meaning and listen with the ears of intellect Photos by Javed Ali (Tajikistan)

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EID – Eid in Dubai

  The Ismaili Youth of Northern Areas (Gilgit – Baltistan) & Chitral living and working in UAE gathered at the Dubai Ismaili Center to celebrate Eid.

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