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KIU refuses to give degrees and transciprts to 43 Gojali students, around 100 students not allowed to attend classes

Students demand judicial probe of Education Ministry corruption charges PT Report Gilgit, August 3: The Karakuram International University administration has jeopardized future of over 140 male and female students of Gojal Valley, by refusing to give them transcripts, or not allowing them to attend classes. “The university administration had set...

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KKH realignment and lowering of water level in dammed Hunza River a "priority", Zardari

ISLAMABAD, Aug 2: China has offered financial assistance for overcoming problems arising out of the natural lake formed in Hunza valley at Attabad, particularly its impact on Karakoram Highway. A meeting presided over by President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani at the Presidency on Tuesday reviewed...

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[Pictory] Shishkat Village, Gojal

Shishkat is one of the worst affected villages of Gojal Valley, half of it submerged in the Gojal Lake. Like other affected parts of the region , people in Shishkat have been forced to leave their houses and live in temporary shelters constructed by NGOs. A large number of the...

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[Opinion] Shimshal Pakistan; A resilient community

Pam Henson  The devastating floods in central Pakistan have eclipsed the ongoing disruption in the far north east of the country caused by a huge landslide in January last year. The Karakoram highway links China with the Pakistani ports of the Arabian Sea at Karachi and Gwador. It is a...

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[Opinion] The cost of Gojal's siege

By Shujaat Ali  In the month of April 2011, I visited my home town Shimshal after a long time. It was a good time to meet people and know about their sufferings and expectations. Interaction with the elders was of utmost importance for me as I have had a chance...

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