KIU refuses to give degrees and transciprts to 43 Gojali students, around 100 students not allowed to attend classes

Students demand judicial probe of Education Ministry corruption charges

PT Report

Gilgit, August 3: The Karakuram International University administration has jeopardized future of over 140 male and female students of Gojal Valley, by refusing to give them transcripts, or not allowing them to attend classes.

“The university administration had set the deadline of August 1 for all students to pay their fees”, Sherullah Baig, a member of the Hunza Students  Federation from Gulmit, told Pamir Times. “Some students borrowed money and paid the outstanding fees because they had career opportunities, but most of us are unable to pay the fee”, he added.

He said that despite of assurance by Speaker GBLA, Chief Minister and other members of GBLA, the funds allocated for payment of fees of the students affected by Attabad Landslide and Gojal Lake disaster have not been released.

“Wazir Baig had directed us to contact the Education Minister, but we have not been able to get in touch with him despite of several attempts”, Sher further said.

It is pertinent to note that special funds worth 20 million rupees had been approved for supporting educational expenses of the affected students.

According to some people there is a fat chance that the education minister, Ali Madad Sher, with the help of some bureaucrats has used the funds in some other region.

The students have demanded of Wazir Baig and Mutabiat Shah to demand an investigation against those directly responsible for releasing of the funds. “The representatives of Hunza and Gojal shall demand judicial n investigation of the corruption charges”, Ali Haider, a resident of Gojal, told Pamir Times.

The students of Gojal Valley and other villages affected by the mega landslide disaster have also threatened to launch a protest if their issues were not resolved.

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  1. Here we have two different problems:

    1 – Those who are prevented from attending class this is more urgent.
    2 – Those who need Degree and Transcripts

    1 – Now those who are denied class attendance due to non payment of due’s do they have proper papers to prove that they are entitled for support from Govt ? If they have then have they submitted same to KIU ? If they did then let them send a copy to PT and let PT publish the list of students who have given proof that KIU is treating them un-fairly. Un-less there is actionable information in public domain problem will not get solved.

    I think PT should make an effort to teach people the process through which problems can get solved. Putting pressure to solve the issue of 100 people how do I know there are not some who may not be eligible [ it happens a lot and every one is aware of it ] but get the benefit.

    I am sure once a verified list is in public domain then VC of KIU will do her best to provide relief, she is a fair person every one knows about. I suspect she may have been briefed against the relief so now it is only fair that media should play its role of investigative reporting.

    2 – Coming to the problem of others if they are eligible for grant not paid have they contacted their MLA and given him the details ? Have they asked their member to put a formal question in Assembly asking for details about the disbursement of funds?

    Unless a formal question is raised we can not say for sure the funds have been misused, people should learn the proper way particularly those who are educated.

    Let the relevant Minister provide detail on the floor of the house first then if some one has proof that information provided is not correct making public that will not only solve problem of these students will prevent similar incidence in future.

    Instead of crying every time it is better to fix it for once and all, you have to send a clear message to corrupt that you can get them only then things will improve. It is for educated to try for change and positive change. Yes doing this is not easy but then what is youth for if not for making change?

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