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Aslam Khan Ghalib joins Bio – Rad Laboratories

Karachi, August 24: Aslam Khan Ghalib, an Editor and contributor of Pamir Times has joined Bio – Rad Laboratories, a multinational company in the capacity of Application and Marketing Manager for Islamabad/Rawalpindi. 

Ghalib has recently completed his sixteen years of education from the department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, University of the Punjab, Lahore. 

He will be dealing with the Bio-Rad products which will include different biotechnological instruments, devices and chemical controls for external quality assurance, their applications, installation, programming, marketing and sales. 

We, members of the Pamir Times family congratulate him and wish him best of luck for all future assignments.


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  1. Congratulations Aslam, for this achievement and best wishes for future assignments.

    Cheers….Haider Karim

  2. Dear Aslam,
    congratulations for this achievement and weclome to Islamabad! I wish you best of luck in your edavrous and hope that you will soon achieve greater heights in your career.


    Sultan Ahmed

  3. Dear Aslam Ghalib, my heartiest congratulations to you on your tremendous achievements and stepping in of your professional life. We are proud of our shining youth, like you from Gojal.

    Shamim Ali

  4. Well done Aslam, and congratulations for the great achievement.
    keep it up

    Fatima Aziz Jan

  5. salam
    many many congratulation to bach ASLAM KHAN GHALIB.i think it would be not fair to congratulate your parents BACH AND VOCH on this happy ocassion and my heart felt congratulation to both of them on this achivement which is a desire for every parents.
    once again many many congratulation to aslam khan and the whole family.

    shahzad karim
    U. S. A

  6. WOOHOO!!!!!!!

    Many many congratulation to you for your excellent achievement, may God bless you. (Ameen)

    Aaliya Khan
    U S A

  7. Conratulations!
    Dear Aslam,
    Welldone and keep it up.
    “One who walk to the way to success, look ahead not back”

  8. Congergulation to you mr Aslam khan ghalib of your brillent Achivement and best wishes for your future luck,

    Sixteen year of your struggled camed into an end,we all aspects from you when you were in AKHSS Gilgit. but know we aspects from you more, and we hoped that you will work for the betterment of your area

    our prayers are with you.

    best of luck

    Majeed ullah baig
    KIU Gilgit

  9. Dear Aslam,

    I wish you a very successful and bright future ahead. Well done my dear.

    all the best once again


  10. Buhut Zabardast Mor Mor

    Many Many congratulatons for your stepping into proffessional life. Am confident and hopeful about your performance. May Allah bless you with success and happiness

  11. Hey Dear Bro….

    Many many congratulations dear, its now start of your professional and practical life, do your best and I believe you are more than enough inteligent and practical person. Being a family member I m proud of you and I axpect much better results in future from you………………

    Best wishes for you dear

    Almaty Kazakhstan

  12. Congratulation dear, wish you best of luck, usdud petr, we are proud of you, and we pray for your professional life very bright.

    Ali Rehmat Musofer

  13. Hi dear ! Ghaib Great Achivement …. welldone

    “God always gives His best to those
    who leave the choice with Him”.


  14. Dear Aslam Khan Ghalib,
    Congratulations for joining a noble institution, you really deserve for that and all above your parents have great contributions in your personal and professional growth and deserve for big cheers and congratulations
    Indeed you are a role model catalyst for our young generations in terms of your academic and social manners. Keep it up and enjoy your new assignment.
    Prayers and good luck for your new assignment and good wishes for life success

    Sharif Khan

  15. Dear Aslam
    C@ngratulati@ns on starting your professional career and best of luck for brighter future…….keep flying

    tu shaheen hey perwaz hey kam tera
    terey samney aasmaan aur bi hain


    Nauroze SHAH
    Aga Khan Trust for Culture, Afghanistan

  16. Wow lopyor!

    Many many congratulations on my behalf it is great keep it up

    Nadeem Gul
    Topi Swabi

  17. Congartulation Zaq your Ghalib

    You done your job keep it up.May Maulah help
    you futher success(Ameen).

    Yi goudor woze thower ghafche ghafche
    muborak bodee hummith.

    Wish you all the best

    Ali aman gojali
    Ishkashim Badakhshan

  18. Hay jigar nice to hear all this. A great achievment dear. Dear you deserve much more so go ahead.
    Best wishes mukhi sahib (lupkhalg)
    ha ha
    Good Luck

  19. Great Job Uncle…..Many many congratulations for your great achivement. My prayers are with you uncle…Keep it up.
    Best Of Luck For Your Bright Future..

    Sajida Khan
    FL. USA

  20. Hi Dear Gamati
    many many congrate for this great achivement alots of muburak bod from my side.
    with best wishes

    rashid WWF Gilgit

  21. tu shaheen hai parwaz hai kaam tahra
    tare aaga asman or b hai..
    Dear Ghalib Many many congrats to u 4rom my side.praying 4 ur future.
    Mubarak once again.what an achievment.keep it up.
    With best Wishes.Well Done My dear.
    Hussain Nasir
    KIU Gilgit.

  22. dear younger
    i am really sorry i could go through the pamir times due to my most tough time which led me to congratulate you very late i am extrremely happy for your first step towards the practical world and am hopeful you would not consider it the end you have a very long journy to travel


    your’s Noor khan

  23. BRAVOOOO……Ghalib congrates for joing ur new job fabulous job is being done i will pray for ur success you have choosen good subject future is your,s go ahead keep on doing batter…..

    DK islamabad

  24. congratulations man.great to know that wishes for your future career… keep flying ….

  25. Dear Aslam

    Welcome to the challenging field of Marketing and Sales of biotech products.You deserve it and as we had met during “Silk Route Festival” in Gulmit I have already congratulated you on this great start.Enjoy your professional life and remain modest.

    Wish you many great achievements in future.

    Saleem Khan Karachi

  26. Dear Husham Aslam i am so happy about your great achievement. i wish you more and more success in your professional life. Just to remind you that this is the begning of new life full of responsibility and dedications with your description, so work hard and i know you will do it. Try to get your Doc. degree that should be your goal. Its a great opportunity for you to be a qualified professional in the region that will lead others to follow your foot steps.

    Sajjad A Khan

  27. Dear Aslam,
    Accept my heartfelt felicitations on this profound achievement.
    Good luck and kept it up!!!!

  28. Dear brother,
    well done, many many congratulations to you, wish you all the best. keep it up.

  29. hi aslam.
    it gives really pleasure and great honour to all of us that a brillant student of our region has got go apportunity. keep it up

  30. Well done students from Hunza(Gojal).keep it up in future too. Be a useful citizen of Pakistan, especially for Hunza. spray emotions of love,sympathy,honour,degnity and respect to other human beings as desired by Maulana Hzir Imam on eve of Golden Jublee Celebrations.

    Jehangir Shah

  31. Galibbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations 4 joining. Be a collective person and always try to be a mentor and steer for up-comming generation for sustainable educational and career development and contribute to make Hunza as a role model 4 education, huminity, prularism, collectivity. governance, degninty ans team spirit.
    GuD LuCk forever

    Sarfraz Amin Hunzai
    Riphah International University

  32. shabash….

    government job karna hay theeeek hayyyy…..
    yeh private job gandhaaa hayyy,,,,

    ur uncle



  34. Dear Readers of PT,
    I am really grateful to each and every one for the sentiments.Your encouragement and kind prayers have always been a source of activation in the course of my journey towards the real stream of life.
    I am really touched by the affiliations you have shown.I am nothing at the moment and this is all because of you, you have cherished the little emergence of mine and have to travel long way to become something.
    Once again I am thankful to you all for your love,affection,compassion and sympathy.
    Aslam Ghalib

  35. On accession to the new goal of any individual belongs from Hunza Gojal, it gives all us pride, so it is my pleasure to extend to You my warm congratulations and most sincerely wish You every success in the important mission.
    Your analysis on any issue and its outcome comments you are sharing on this blog r very tremendous.
    Keep it up.


  36. Dear Aslam!

    my deep and profound wishes CONGRATULATIONS and prayers for stepping in to real challenging world.i also wish your parents and family for the finely accomplishment of acadmic life. i have staunch faith in your great talent and potential for higher achievemnets in the very near future for all of us , and more i do expect out of you for the youths those have been looking ahead to you .
    many many wishes and heartfelt Congratulations once again
    Mirza Ali

  37. Dear ghalib!
    Many Many congratulations for your stepping into professional life. it gives really pleasure and great honour to all of us that a brillant student of our region has got go apportunity. keep it up

    nisar ali

  38. hi,

    congratualtions man, its just a start………think beyond sky………keep it up.

    prvz krym
    Rocknorth explorers pvt ltd. glt.

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