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Pre-election meeting of GECA held

by Aslam Ghalib

Islamabad, 10 May: A meeting of the Gojal Educational and Cultural Association (GECA) was held here in Rawalpindi, to overview preparations for the upcoming cabinet elections, scheduled to be held on 17 May. The chairman of GECA Maj. Ejaz and other office bearers expressed great satisfaction over the progress and performance of the election committee and appreciated their untiring efforts.
Meanwhile a special thanks was made to the Pamir Times for providing blog geca-logospace for display of information about the upcoming GECA elections. Efforts of Team Pamir Times for representing the region on a global scale were highly apprecaited.  

Nisar Ahmed of NCA was also appreciated for his efforts in promoting the Khick Murdoom through a documentary about a Wakhi family in Gojal, portraying day to day activities in spring and summer seasons. So far his documentary has been screened in many places including Lahore and Germany.
The task of making a documentary about the Khick Murdoom living in different parts of the country was assigned to two energetic professionals,  Waheed Murad and  Nisar Ahmed. This documentary will be a part of the ongoing projects being carried out by the GECA.

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  1. Thats great we should be united to promote wahki language and culture.i appreciate nisar for his brilliant work and i watched the documentary on aag tv few days back…great work

  2. Dear Aslam,

    Good reporting, we hope to have your availibility in reporting GECA ongoing activities, any special news update, announcement and future plans etc.

    Thanks Pamir times for their continues coverage and space for GECA.


    Shah Zaman

  3. Is it possible to arrange the show of Documentry prepared by NISAR on the day of election, May 17, 2009????

    Will definetely have a good impact cum entertainment.

  4. Are we going to discuss only affairs of Gojal affairs. let our Gojalies to come out of our inward looking attitude and merge with mainstream. Nobody will harm us. We Wakhis are minority in Gilgit, Wakhan, Badakshan and Xinjiang. this is a great endeavour of small community to become smaller. This is a small step from Sher Zaman but a miniscule leap in the decline of our community and culture. Long live Gojalies and short lives for others. Mr editor my posts are litmus test for your ideas about freedom of expression. I hope you will not stand the test.

  5. Dear “Dr” Khamito

    Apart from putting rest of the world to litmus tests, you should also look into the mirror and check your own good self.

    Freedom of expression is guaranteed at PT, the readers know it. What is also appreciated at PT is the value of honesty, openness and originality.

    I don’t know what makes you equate Gojal with Wakhis. If you are a Gojali you should know that apart from Wakhi, Burushaski and Doomaki are also spoken and understood in Gojal region.

    I would dare to say that the majority in Hunza valley needs to open up and share its stories, issues, successes with the rest of us. We have always been open, be it learning languages or nurturing relationships.


  6. Dear Noor,

    I am agreeing your observation regarding the hidden personality of Khameto, he or she seems well qualified, experienced, skillfull and have a vast comprehension on issues but one should be ONE percent optimistic of things happening in the society.

    Dear Khameto PT is providing you a plate form to freely experess your ideas regardless of your repeatedly testing comments, but at the same time you should ethically be candid with your great personality, don’t worry about the consequence no one is here to harm you. Freely express yourself but be sincere with your identity.

    Shahid Ali
    The FMFB Rawalpindi.

  7. Dear All,
    It is very easy for me to criticize others without looking at what others think about me and what reflects out of my mind.

    I fully agree with people who observe things and give their feed back keeping in view the ground realities, the pertinence of situations and their future outcomes and/or prospects. It is completely a miss sensed perception about the Gojalies that they are having an inward looking attitude. What people mean by mainstream? Isn’t that again an inward attitude according to your dictionary and set of views?

    For your kind information Gojal doesn’t mean Wakhies rather three to four different languages are spoken. The association was established without any discrimination of language, cast or familial background. The establishment of the association is not meant to shrink the Wakhi community rather is aimed at broadening our level of understanding about others and to share our views with others keeping ourselves fully molded in our cultural practices and norms.

    I think the establishment of the association is not to decline our community rather will further boost up our strengths if people like you (?) Join hands with us and think and act constructively.

    We are free to express ourselves and deserve equally to promote ourselves without any ambiguities in the minds.

    We have the right to speak our hearts out and to express what is in our minds and act wisely towards the promotion of our identity.

    Gojal never means Wakies and only Wakhies never mean Gojal rather is a diversified region with multilingual richness.

    We ought to understand the realities and must not be reactive in our thoughts, actsions and approaches.

    We have the right to preserve our identity and must not leave even a single stone unturned for its promotion and existence in this era of globalization where many nations are about to get extinction.

    Hope for the best

    Aslam Khan Ghalib
    Lahore, Pakistan

  8. GECA is going to complete a process of its first change of management this weekend. Being part of this young organization, we have been trying to make GECA a body representing the diverse population of the of the entire Gojal valley.

    It is our strong belief and resolve to make GECA a true representative body for all Gojalies residing in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas considering the influx of our youth and professionals and keeping in view the current and future challenges.

    I would request all of our youth to join us to pool our talents for promoting healthy dialogue, combined efforts for a progressive civil society where all segments of the society live peacefully, respectfully and with prosperity.

  9. what contribution this GECA being the platforum of the creams of Gojal rather elites is making for the expected additional seat for Hunza and what could be stake of Gojal into it….. Is there any harm to ask government to give Gojal a separate seat in NALA.

  10. aslam bhay
    your job is really appreciating………we all expect more from you…….ma friends are also admiring you….
    we wish to see geca on the top……

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