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Gojal: Rise in water borne diseases leaves population of Hussaini village at risk, report

By Shehzad Ali

Hussaini, August 16: Water borne diseases are on the rise among the people of Hussaini village, upper Hunza (Gojal), posing risk to the lives of a population of 720, a majority of them children and women. The villagers have been using glacial water for drinking purpose after submergence of the spring water source by the Attabad landslide lake in 2011.

Due to non-availability of clean drinking water, a majority of the villagers drink water directly from the irrigation channel. The channel water gets contaminated after passing through polluted fields and spaces. Besides, it contains at least 30 percent sand, which has given rise to cases of kidney diseases.

Women of the village travel at least two kilometers to fetch water in cans from the irrigation channel, hence leaving several women suffering from back pain.

Diseases like sore throat, diarrhea, bad belly and typhoid are on the rise among the villagers.

The Aga Khan Rural Support Programme (AKRSP) had installed water pump and water filtration plant on the river bank of the village. However, the Attabad landslide lake submerged that too.

“I have found that every six to eight patients from Hussaini who come here for treatment on daily basis suffer from ailments that fall under the category of water borne disease,” said Dr. Khadija, a medical officer at the Aga Khan Health Center, Gulmit, Gojal. “A majority of the patients are children.”

The villagers have been looking out for help towards governmental and non-governmental organizations to set up a water purification plant in the village.

10 thoughts on “Gojal: Rise in water borne diseases leaves population of Hussaini village at risk, report

  1. The people of Hussaini are in disparate condition because of non availability of clean drinking water source in the vicinity.I request the people of Gulmit and Ghulken to allow clean drinking water source to the folks of Hussaini village through a drinking water project.

  2. It is unfortunate that the editor deleted my comment in which I appealed to the People of Gulmit and Ghulken to allowv People of Hussani to use their clean water resouce to overcome the disease.

    1. Respected Dr. Sb, we do not delete comments, until and unless they are based on ethnic/sectarian hate or profanities are used.

      We were unable to update the comments quickly today, due to which you may not have seen them on the website earlier.

      Both of your comments are visible on the website. Thank you you for the comments.

      We truly appreciate and admire your wisdom and expertise.


  3. The government machinery starting from a grade 1 to a section head or department head are indifferent of the real needs of the people of their own country. I have got disappointed on the inefficiency, senselessness and indifference of the civil servants. May God bestow us with wisdom to find out solutions of own problems.

  4. I don’t think that Gulmit and Ghulkin have enough clean drinking water to spair to Hussaini as Ghulkin is providing for gulmit and ghulkin itself if there is any chance it would be better to provide them instead of wasting it

  5. thanks dear for your nice response, peoples must think about this issue rather then cretinism some one. if you are a family of wakth imam.

  6. Am really amazed to learn about such a worse condition of water supply in such a highly populated area.
    I am really sorry for the people of Hussaini who are still surviving in these conditoins. I request their youth to Visit govt higer Machinary for any kind of emergency medication. if this issue will remain constaint with any solution then let me remind you, that you are now entering the winter seoson.

  7. Thanks dear shahzad to highlighted such An important issue.. its the most first preiority to cosidering this issue to the Govr.

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