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Hunza-Gilgit Social Welfare Organization’s cabinet takes oath

KARACHI: (PR) Newly appointed honorary cabinet members of Hunza Gilgit Social Welfare Organization members were sworn in here at Karachi. Karim Rozik was appointed as the new Chairman of the organization that has played an important role in supporting the community for decades.
The new cabinet members affirmed their commitment and loyalty to serve the institution and the people in need in the community. New office bearers are the following:
• Mr. Karim Ullah Rozik  Chairman
• Mr.Noshad Karim       Vice Chairman
• Mr. Abass Ali                  Honorary Secretary
• Mr. Wajid Ali Shah             Finance Secretary
• Mr.Asif k Tajik                         Information Secretary
• Aroosa Aman  Member Communication and Development
• Farzana Faqir Uddin Coordinator Education
• Noshad Bano Coordinator Women Development
• Khush Amedin  Coordinator IT
• Faheem Karim  Coordinator Health Project
Oath ceremony
Mr. Babar Junaid, the former Chairman HGSWO, presented the End of Term Report and highlighted his cabinet’s achievements for the last 3 years. Rapid Response initiatives such as Ambulance Services, Ration Support during COVID-19, Scholarships for needy students, and career counseling sessions were some of the achievements. He added that more than 364 patients have benefitted from Ambulance Services, ration support was provided to 268 families, and scholarship was awarded to more than 60 needy students. He also highlighted the services provided to the senior citizens in terms of leisure and recreational activities.
Mr. Karim Rozik presented the plan of action for the upcoming year. He said that the priority would be education. HGSWO will explore the options to continue the scholarship program and collaborate with other institutions to address the hostel issues for girls from different parts of Gilgit Baltistan to Karachi for higher education. The other priority areas would be youth engagement, skills development, health and rapid response, networking and partnerships and the engagement of senior citizens.
Mr. Mir Ahmed, member Advisory Board shed the light on the achievement of HGSWO from its inception till now. He appreciated the efforts of HGSWO for its work during COVID and wished the new cabinet to work with the same zeal and zest in days to come.
Col.(r) Abaid-Ullah-Baig, member Gilgit Baltistan Assembly, congratulated the new cabinet and urged them to devote their energies to serving and uplifting the ultra-poor and needy in the community. He assured the newly appointed cabinet of his support and urged them to focus on human development.
Mr. Noushad Karim, Vice-Chairman of HGSWO, extends sincere gratitude to all distinguished guests for their presence. He expresses heartfelt thanks for joining the event and assures that the valuable suggestions and guidance provided by our esteemed seniors will be duly considered and implemented. Your presence has added immense value to this gathering. Thank you for your support and insights

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