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Delay in Hunza – Nagar district starts worrying Ghanzafar

by Ali Ahmed

Gilgit, July 28: The Northern Areas Legislative Assembly, sans advisors, met today at the assembly hall located in Chinar Bagh Gilgit. It was a special meeting, held after the removal of six advisors from office, in times of uncertainity and, subtle, chaos. 

HNAddressing the gathering Ghazanfar Ali Khan, Chief Executive of the assembly without a cabinet, showered flowers of praise on Pervez Musharraf. “During an official visit of Gilgit – Baltistan the ex President Pervaz Musharaf  had announced a comprehensive reforms package for the region. Some salient features of that package were, improvement of  local representation in affairs of government, shift of center of power from KANA division to elected representatives of the region, writing off agriculture loans below 50000, changing the name of NALC to NALA and also promises of extending higher judicial mechanism to northern areas”, he counted. Also joining the praise chorus was Atiqa Ghazanfar, wife of the chief executive, selected to the assembly on seats reserved for technocrats. 

They blamed the KANA division of making undesirable moves to cripple the reforms package, hindering implementation of the package in its true spirit.

Ghazanfar also praised the ex president for notifying establishment of the new district, comprising of Hunza and Nagar sub-divisions, christened Hunza-Nagar. The chief executive said that this a was favor the president granted on his ‘special request’. He also said that establishment of the district wasn’t just an announcement but the necessary notification had also been issued in this regard on 18th December 2007.

Ghazanfar and Atiqa expressed deep concerns over the delaying tactics of the KANA division with regards to establishment of Hunza-Nagar district, despite availability of funds.

Some circles have been accusing Ghzanfar himself as the biggest hurdle in the establishment of the said district. People accuse Ghazanfar of keeping the issue alive, unsolved, for using it during the up coming elections.

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  1. Mr executive you have done nothing specially in lower Hunza now forget to elect again because you could;nt have overcome the expectations of the people.You have forgotten your promises which you have done during elections
    I think you have started compaigng for upcoming elections
    but its useless………………………….

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